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riding scooters in bali (video)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, Jul 17, 2010.

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    well i went to bali a few weeks ago for a holiday with the family. so decided i had to take the gopro and get some footage of riding around.

    and here it is.


    the audio from the video wasn't very good (mic only picks up loud stuff) so i put some music to it, but apparently i was breaching some copyright crap and now i have zero music. so gay. i'm going to do an audioswap though.

    my gear consisted of shorts, skate shoes, singlet top, backpack and a scullcap helmet with harley davidson on it.

    they love harleys over there, one person tried to sell me a shirt but i told him that harleys are pieces of junk and he nearly killed me lol.
  2. From 5 minutes in the bike traffic volume is nuts. Nice post
  3. Philosophy is, 'there is always room for one more'. No agro, youve gotta love it. Very few people are in a rush because time is not as important to Balinese as it is to us.
    Did you stay in Nusa Dua by any chance? Loved the vid thanks.
  4. it was great to ride over there, everyone was just chilled out and didn't get angry. everyone had respect to others on the road. if only it would work like this in australia.... but it wont, too many idiots and stressheads.
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    ok so i uploaded it again with a song from my iTunes that was a similar length thats not blocked, but its not a great song.

    anyway the new link is this.