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Riding Route 66

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by The Hack, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Has anyone here ridden Route 66 in the US of A either self guided or as part of a tour?

    I want to know how easy/difficult hiring a bike/helmet is over there and issues around insurance and are there any decent maps of the route since the highway was decommissioned decades ago?

    And has anyone done a guided tour and have an opinion about that option?

  2. Feel free to ask me qs. I only did 66 from Vegas to Grand Canyon then went through the national parks. Search Youtube for triumph rides America. 66 is a main road there are diners shops museums etc where I went. I woulnt do the whole road it may get tedious. The national parks are amazing. Everything was provided but this would be expensive. The company is called eidelvisse. Spoke to some who rented Harley's, they were expensive.
    If it was me I would allow plenty of time and buy a bike for 3-4 grand then sell it when you leave, bikes are cheap there.. If you bought from a large dealer in La they would probably buy it back at the end.
    It was a fantastic trip, good luck.
  3. I agree with PJcliffo and as he has suggested, it will depend on how long you intend to spend doing the trip, and what time of year.
    Rental is very easy to organise but gets a bit expensive if you make it a long trip especially in peak season.
    There are some very good rental deals around outside the main riding season, but you may have to contend with difficult weather. Eagle rider offer off-season one way deals from certain locations at discounts so that they can get their bikes back where they want them. But they don't start out as being very cheap.
    You do not need a guided tour, although I don't doubt they could be fun.

    I did parts of 66 and areas nearby. You get local vehicle insurance when you rent, plus CDW optional liability (may be already covered in you travel insurance - check). Always take to optional CDW option though. To my knowledge, no travel insurance will cover a motorcycle for the insurance excess, which usually runs $1K - $1.5K. You will need your original licence and an international license may help.

    Buying/selling is quite a lot more complicated due to the need to provide a permanent address, and arrange your own insurance. But it would end up cheaper if you have the time to deal with the complications.

    I also seriously wouldn't worry too much about the exact 66 route. It's OK but there was not all that much on it that was exciting compared to what is accessible from areas not far too away.
  4. Thanks for the advice Pjcliffo and Titus.
    The 66 'season' seems to open up in May for the Americans with plenty of guided tours starting then.
    My timing does not fit them, but I have picked up a guided tour in April. Back up van for luggage and spare bike in case of breakdown, plus my travel arrangements before and after that period swayed me. As you mentioned there are plenty of self-guided options with GPS and some of them look great but will let you know how my choice works out.
  5. As above posts.

    Yes you will need to provide an address but you can always use a hotel/motel address if nothing else.
    Another option is to strike a deal with a dealer that he'd take the bike back to xyz. You'd be surprised how many things you can achieve just by asking.

    I wouldn't do 66 alone. Would an organized ride out of option for you?
  6. OP has said he is going for the guided tour option. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
  7. great, coz there are some hairy areas alongside rt.66!