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Riding problems

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dan.adl, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. After a wet and miserable week it's now beautiful and sunny.
    I even get to drive the fun and well maintained roads out to the barrossa for work.
    That's the problem.
    Working in the barrossa, if I don't take my full tool kit I had better hope to hell I will not need it, and the full kit just isn't bike friendly.
    I'm sure driving home a 4am I will be glad for the heater, but for now I am sad.

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  2. Cant you lock it up and leave it at work,
  3. The old multiple work sites problem.
    Generally I do but some days I do 3 or 4 shows a day in different venues. That's why I have a very heavy backpack, but somedays that just isn't enough.
  4. Fit Panniers, Weight low down, Then tie your back pack to the seat,

    Panniers fitted with wing bolts, so you can take them off easily.
  5. Begs the questions just what extent of repairs you can perform by the side of the road, will you always have just what you need, what parts or specialist tools you might carry (spare plug, tyre repair kit, chain breaker ...) and how much time you'd have to make repairs?

    Maybe carry just the basics and sign up for some sort of roadside assist that covers bikes.