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Riding postion ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VCM, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what you guys class is the 'correct' riding position on a hornet style bike ( ie semi upright/semi leaned )
    I am playing with the handlebars at the moment to get the 'right' feel.
    I have brought them closer and hense a little lower. My elbows are bent but are slightly above handgrip height, I was reading it should be at or below handgrips ??? :?

    If this is a dumbass question I apologise in Advance :oops:

  2. from a relatively unexperienced position, i would suggest having a bit of a play and deciding what feels most comfortable/suitable to you would be your best bet... one man's ultimate riding position may be your back breaker
  3. Depends :p

    Some good general advise is to be quite relaxed, dont grip the bars tightly, dont put much pressure on them. Back should have some curvature to it, if your spine is straight any bumps will go straight up it, especially if you're tense. But if your spine is slightly curved as you ride, and you're relaxed it will make a huge difference.

    Someone with your bike can probably give you some more specific info.

    And, for cornering - your weight should be forward more, so leaning towards the bars more, and down somewhat.
  4. Keep experimenting.

    The hornet is supposed to offer an upright riding position compared to a sports bike. I tend to lean forward more on freeways and at higher speeds - elbows are below bars. When I'm just cruising around I sit back a little relax the arms - elbows above bars.

    Don't get stuck in any one way to ride just go with what feels better at the time. Going through twisties I find riding with my toes on the pegs and leaning forward better as I can keep my elbows bent. (flapping wings) toes on the pegs allows me to shift my weight fore/aft left/right as needed.
  5. Thanks Guys..
    I've been experimenting with different handle bar postions. I feel comfy leaning over a little but it requires me to bring the bars closer ( lowers it ), however than in turn brings my seating position too close to the bars and my wrists ache ( my forearms are also not parallel with the road ).
    I think I'll move them further away as they were previously.
    BOY is this riding stuff FUN !!!

  6. I think that might show you are not holding yourself up with your knees + stomach muscles as opposed to using your arms to hold yourself up. In a better situation, you'd like to be holding yourself up with your knees + stomach whilst only using your arms to steer the bike/handlebars instead of bearing (too much) weight on them :)
  7. I dont think I'm bearing much weight on the bars, and I do keep my knees firmly against the tank, although I dont think I am using my knees to hold myself up :?
    When sitting upright on your bike, arms outstretched .. how close are the grips to your hands ?
  8. you could always try changing the grips to a set of renthal ultra lows.
    lots of hornet owners do it

    I perfer my original bars though, but that's just me.
  9. Just check and make sure you don't jamb your thumbs on the tank on full lock.

    And that you can still get full lock both ways, without the throttle and/or clutch cable being strained. Also too much tension on the brake (or hydrolic clutch if fitted) lines should be avoided.
  10. Best is relative and should be based upon your preferences and riding style.

    Basically, play until you find the position that allows you the most confidence to ride in the manner you wish whilst providing the necessary comfort level that you desire.

  11. I find that when I ride I'll ride what feels comfortable. Also ride without tensing the upper body (just the lower back).

    For my riding position It would depend on the riding conditions. I'll sit up against the tank when I'm in traffic but if I'm just crusing or at the twisties I'll sit back abit and lean forward abit more.