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Riding position of an Kawasaki ER-5

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Parkaboy, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. I've been living in outback Australia for a while now so havent had much of a chance to test ride a great many bikes and the majority of ones I have had been either cruiser or trail/standard style seating.

    I've been planning to get small light weight bike for city commuting (planning to move to sydney). Now I originally just planned for a small sports bike (500-1000cc) and on the weekend I managed to get a test ride of an ER-5, 2003 model.

    Now the bike itself was gutless and for a cruiser rider thats saying something BUT the main thing that I couldnt get past was the seating position!

    Is this standard for a sport model? No offense but it was so utterly uncomfortable it was nearly painful. I understood that it was a different riding style but this was like trying to ride a camel bareback. Am I going to be unfortunately disappointed with all sport bike seating positions or is the ER-5 an exception to the rule?

    Even now im worried about my future children that definitely got crushed while i was testing out the breaks on the ER-5. Which was surprising because I didnt sit "in" the bike at all. I was very much "on" it sadly.. If that makes sense. My wrists were also sore after a thirty minute burl.

    So tell me, am I to expect more of the same with other sport bikes? Is it just the ER-5?

    On another note, I am so glad I DID test ride it, being where I am I was going to purchase without seeing/riding. I dodged a very large bullet there!
  2. im pretty sure that the er-5 has a neutral riding position. i.e NOT sporty.
    many bikes will have you leaning further forward (my vtr250 has a similar riding position and i got new bars so that i was leaning even more)
    you may have to get used to it. the idea is not to have the weight on you wrists, bear it on your back(using stomach muscles etc, someone more knowledgeable will elaborate im sure)
    im afraid thats how it is. real sport bikes will probably be worse.
  3. PM Seany, he had one for ages.
  4. bugger.

    Thanks man
  5. The thing about riding a more upright bike is that you have to use your thigh and stomach muscles, hold onto the tank with your legs (Especially when braking), this protects the crown jewels. Clench the stomach muscles a little to take the load off your wrists.
    An other thing that makes life easier is a well done up back protector. It takes some of the load off your lower back.
    Sports bikes are definitely not for every one, but it doesn’t take much to get used to a different riding position.
  6. no worries parka boy.

    Thanks Falcon Lord. Its not too hard to get used to, try some others. suzi gs500, er6?
  7. I've sat on hollys er5 a few times and ridden it ever so briefly, was very upright riding position compared my sv and zzr. Bars must have been 2-3" higher than on my zzr.