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Riding police always wearing sunnies?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nina, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Yesterday I saw a pair of policemen riding motorcycles on my way to work (the first time I saw riding police in VIC). Both were wearing sunnies. It struck me as odd since it was an overcast day. It wasn't even glary, but actually rather gloomy.
    This morning, same time and same location, I saw a triplet of policemen on their motorcycles. All three of them wearing sunnies. This time it was actually raining and therefor pretty dark - I would certainly NOT have wanted to restrict my vision by wearing dark sunglasses!

    Do they all wear sunnies? Why?
    Do they just want to look cool and more serious? Or is it a safety requirement - are they some kind of special dark tinted glasses? (Now I'm making up some interesting stories in my head)

    I don't understand why three adults would voluntarily wear sunglasses in rain.
  2. Because they still think that CHIPS was the best show ever.
  3. Try looking at the sky when it's cloudy.
  4. glare.

    easier to remove sunnies than change visor.

    sitting round with visor up to stop fogging.
  5. To look cool, to look tuff and its eye protection for the blood spatter when they bash people with their batons.....
  6. i always wear sunnies because i like to have my visor up...and sunnies keep the wind and dust out of your eyes!!...oh...and the sun!

    disclaimer....i am neither a cop nor a male!!...:D
  7. Probably for glare. I'd also imagine it'd be for UV protection.
  8. I can't believe this thread.
    Yes glare under cloudy conditions is or can be worse than when it's sunny.
    Glasses help with contrast.
    I have photochromic sunnies and they are awesome.
  9. I have Ugly Fish ones that go from Clear to Smoke.
    I find them fantastic. What ones do you have ?
  10. You mean there's other uses for sunglasses besides staring at boobs?
  11. That's why I mentioned that there wasn't even glare. Definitely not this morning!

    Sitting round with visor up to stop fogging, OK. But why do you have to wear sunnies for that?
  12. But there can still be a high UV count which could be an occupational hazard I guess.

    But c'mon, it does look cool :)
  13. I still believe the only reason why they wear sunnies when it's pouring down, is because they believe it makes them look badass :cool:
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  15. Stop bugs and debris while riding. Beats opening and closing visor, and they don't carry tinted visors either.

  16. Almost certainly an OH&S requirement. Many outdoor workers are required to wear sunnies. Cumulative UV exposure massively increases the risk of Macular Degeneration (retinal eye damage).
    Better than going blind in later years (and suing the govt.)
  17. Titus provides the answer; OH&S rules all our lives and the Police are not shielded from its insidious intrusions.....
  18. same ones
  19. yes because dying of horrible cancers or horrible workplace injuries are such an intrusion.......

    Having said that SOME ohs rules are over the top.