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Riding Pillion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by egiste, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Well I've done it twice now with seany, It sure is a strange feeling, and the lack of sight of the road in front is just a little scary, and its always a suprise to find out why we were going slow as you can't see whats in front until over taking.

    Tonight we were doing about 20 on city rd and seany was frantically looking over his shoulder for a gap in traffic, only when we finally got around, I thought, ahh horsies !! That will do it.

    Anyway a good trip, and I managed to stay on when we hit the freeway.

    Just thought I would ask how others cope the feeling of no control and limitted vision.
  2. That's the thing about horse power. Regardless of how many horses they have, if the vehical is using actual horses, they rarely take it over 15km. :evil:
  3. I am the world's worst pillion. The only time my husband and I ever have a cross word to each other is when I get on the back. As for not being able to see anything. The view from the back of a hypersport ducati is unparalleled, you can see far too far and far too much! It freaks me and I hate it. In fact Superbikes is coming up and I think we will only take one bike to the track - perhaps I'll just close my eyes.

    He on the other hand was a very amiable pillion when I have pillioned him on our old Duke, when it was going. He never complained even when I nearly lost him, when I found top gear!
  4. I had a first ride as a pillion a couple days ago, it's pretty scary!!! you have no control and sometimes the backend of the bike felt like it was sliding out!!! :?
  5. I'd hope the rider wan't doing that! :shock: It's possible that the tire pressure was to low. That will give the impression that the wheel is sliding sidways. :)
  6. now we know the real reason you guys live together ;) :LOL:

    ive been pillion a bit... As long as I trust the rider Im fine with it. Even enjoy it more than riding on my own sometimes!
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: You owe me a beer! The computer monitor just ended up wearing the one I was drinking. PSMSL :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Trust you to think like that, you asshat :grin: :grin:
  9. i first got on a bike as a pillion about 2 and a half yrs ago and loved it - hence the reason i now ride.

    ever since i got my own licence its completely different - i hate the feeling of not being in control.

    i think if you've never ridden it's gr8, but once you ride it sux.
  10. Mmm tough one. You really have to trust the person in control. If you don't you'll always be nervous. With the vision thing, I just turn my head 90 degrees, watch stuff go by and wave to the other pillions on the road. Sometimes they wave back! :)
  11. you phrased it like that, it must be a subconcious thing; as the great man said:

  12. Soo... Who's got one of those "If you can read this, the b**ch fell off" T shirts?
  13. Would you prefer he called you a felcher? :? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. godam you groberts, I had used that word twice at work this week and both times had to unwillingly explain what it means.
  15. Oddly. egiste didn't mention the most important lesson of the trip. When you start riding pillion, listen carefully to the instructions the rider is giving. He told me he felt much safer and more comfortable tonight because he took the advice of looking over my shoulder through the corners. He was better balanced and more importantly, so was the bike. On sunday the bike was all over the place and I'd put it down to the fact that he weighs 10kg~ more than me (1st pillion on the new bike). Tonight I barely knew I had a pillion because he was leaning correctly and the bike sat beautifully.

    The other important lesson was for riders... When giving the instructions, remember to tell the pillion NOT to take their foot of the pegs. :shock: Luckily he did it at the 1st roundabout as we were leaving, so we were barely moving. :)
    It did give me a hell of a surprise though. Him too of course so needless to say, he only did it the once. :LOL:
  16. I used to go to kinder on dads bike when I was 4. I have no probs getting on the back of his bike but there's very few others I'll ride pillion for.

    On the subject, I can't get the missus on the bike. Whats the secret to getting em on there for the first time?
  17. :grin: :grin: Cant help U there..

    Mine wont eva hop on with me :grin:
  18. Yeah but looking at your avatar i wouldn't let my mother in law on with you.

    Or maybe I would :wink:
  19. Let me know when you get the rear sets off and we'll grease up the seat cowl. Then you can take her for a spin. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: