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Riding partner at last!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kezza53, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. I have only been riding for about 7 years. Hubby hasn't been interested...till now! He has his daughters 250 Ninja and is learning. Just came back from our first adventure together. Wasn't far but he managed the jerk who didn't see him and nearly took him out and still came home thinking posative and planning the next ride! Who's a happy girl then!! \\:D/

  2. whoohoo!! Lucky you - I'd love a riding partner / partner ;)
  3. riding is heaps better if you got a riding partner,unfortunality i dont ,so solo riding it is and do i enjoy it ?? HELL YEA ☺
  4. Well the thing is for me I started riding to get away from him!! Needed my own space etc. I love riding alone but I will adjust to having a partner . I am proud of him for even giving it a go. How old is too old to learn to ride a motor cycle? I say never!!
  5. grats kezza!

    my better half is umm'ing and ahh'ing about wether she will actually buy a bike (we both have our learners), think its got something to do with her family is sooo against it. (shouldve heard the looks on their faces when she told them i bought a bike just this weekend!! i lol'd)

    i think once i pick it up (fingers crossed this coming weekend) she will have to decide if she wants to be my support car or riding partner. either way time outs can definately be a good thing
  6. Hubby and I ride together, although I do enjoy riding alone too. Its a great thing to do together!
  7. i got my L's when i was over 50
  8. oppps i tryed to quot the last line sorry the lot came up
  9. and yes to ride alone you got own space and freedom just when stopping for coffee or a bite to eat thats where a "riding partner" would be nice...
  10. I have mostly enjoyed the whole experience alone. I have met some great people whom I don't even have a name for! Like the bloke at my first stop on my first big ride. You can do it he said. And I did... Melbourne and back from Townsville. The others on the journey too numerous to mention but all friendly and willing to chat and pass the time of bikes with you. I feel like I am never alone when on my bike. head nearly falls off from returning all the nods . Even hubby said after our Sunday jaunt...friendly lot hey? Well I just love it! I guess I am more than excited about having him join me and sharing in the biking experience. Let him have abit of what I get!