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Riding Pants for work!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blocka, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, here is my dilemma!

    I will be using my bike mainly to go back and forth to work. I have to wear black trousers for work (not denim and preferably not cargo) and where Im working there is no place to get changed.

    So I was wondering if there was any kind of riding pants that look like normal black trousers but have all the protection still in them? I dont really want to be wearing thin trousers on the bike, especially when Im still a green rider!

  2. Get a new job. one that you can wear what you like. easy. :)
  3. Thanks

    anyone got a serious answer, otherwise i might be having to do a quick pant change out the back of work everynight
  4. When I wear pants to work and I know I have limited time to get changed I just put my textile pants (dryrider summit) over the top of my suit pants.
  5. I ride to work most days (sometimes take the car when I need to move stuff not practical on bike) and I tend to wear my Draggins, followed by a quick change when I get to work.

    Unfortunately I don't think pants like you describe exist (happy to be proven wrong) and even if they did I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as comfortable. I have worn my Draggins on rides before and stayed in them for most of the day, and whilst they were ok, probably weren't as comfortable as normal jeans/pant due to the protection.

    Interesting to see if anyone else has any ideas though...
  6. There's not even a toilet there? :shock:
  7. Draggin Chinos are the G O!!!

    I wear mine without issue. They come in black too...

    Be aware, they still have stitching above and below the knee, and below your butt, where the kelvar lining is stitched in, so they still look a little different to your normal chinos. That said, I don't think you would have a problem.
  8. He's a scuba diver right? :?
  9. There is but by the time i get there the customers have usually turned it into a pig sty.

    Those chinos look perfect, thanks gavinl!
  10. Draggin Chinos. No question.
  11. Pants for work


    Draggin jeans apparently make kevlar liners (sort of like longjohns) but they don't seem to be available in Oz as far as I can gather. Has anyone here got a pair of these? I would be interested to know what they are like. [/url]
  12. Dude are you serious? I wear a shirt and tie to work everyday but I bought shift torque jeans, and they are big enough to wear over my slacks, I just rip em off in my office, and I can wear em on their own with a belt..
    DOne and done.
  13. Re: Pants for work

    Only problem with these are those warm days I guess. I couldn't imagine wearing 'longjohns' through the work-day in summer.
  14. There are what they call 'overpants' which are made pretty much like your regular riding pants but with looser cut and sometimes extra zippers or something to make it easier to put on and off.
    The idea is you put these over your regular pants, whatever they happen to be. Since you've got your regular pants underneath, you can change pretty much anywhere without rising objections.
    There are quite a few of them around, for example, Joe Rocket Alter Ego or First Gear HT II. Closer to home, I think DriRider or Rjays (blah!) would have something like that too, but I don't have any links handy.
  15. yeah I got the joe rocket overpants linked above. They're pretty easy to put on over pants (zippered in the right spots), and can unzip a flap to let breeze through, but on summer days two layers gets pretty hot.

    I got back from a 1.5 hr ride on a *really* hot day and my pants underneath were totally soaked in sweat ..
  16. As a paranoid new rider with a high self preservation instinct and not having the funds to buy mutiple versions of gear for different situations ... I bought a pair of MotoDry waterproof pants! Now yes they are a little warm on hot days but as it is coming into winter they are fine already in this cooler weather.

    These are fully waterproof pants that also have a removable full inner quilted lining. They also have knee armour and hip padding built in.

    I wear jeans for work so just wear these over the top and it is working out well for me. I like the idea that I can wear them over shorts too, so if I am actually go out somewhere, like the beach, I can just strip the MotoDry's off and be ready without needing to find somewhere private to change.
  17. Two words ;)

    Leather. Chaps.
  18. I wear Ixon challenger pants over the top of my slacks. They're relatively thin (but did hold up well when I went for a downhill slide with my bike). They come with a removable waterproof liner and knee pads. They also have an adjustable pant leg length with the use of buttons on the bottom of the leg. $140 - pretty good value for money.