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Riding Pants for Girly (man) legs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 2Fast, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm looking for some riding pants made for men with, well, girl legs.
    Very skinny, roughly size 28 waist.
    I've checked out draggins of that size, but they still look like I'm straight outta Compton, baggy as.
    So, does anyone know of any brands that cater to legs of the toothpick style?
    I'm thinking I might just be better off getting some of those Draggin underpants things.


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  3. Hmm... Have you seen the "long" sizes of Draggin Jeans?

    I've got a pair of the Long-sized ones myself, being a 6'4" lanky fellow.
  4. Gym memberships are pretty cheap nowdays ;)
  5. Just do squats and lunges! i do them..but im still a 28in as well hmmm..so no good news for me when i go shopping for riding pants? no good news for us when we go shopping for any pants! too bad there is no kids section of draggn!
  6. if you really worry about safety, Get the Draggins and also use Knee/chin protection under. it'll fit perfectly.
  7. Built like a gray hound :( Bigish chest and shoulders for my size.
    But my legs fail epically, i've tried the gym.
    I'd need to put on like 10 Kgs on my legs alone :(
  8. Contact Draggins with your measurements and get them to custom-make some slacks for you. Too easy :).
  9. what the Rev said, beat me to it!