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Riding pains

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WowlTurkey, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    recently got my bike and been riding like crazy!! After a while i get pains in my shoulders... Is this normal when starting out? I find i tense up (not so much through the arms) but enought to feel it. Then I think about it and grip the tank harder with my legs and it relaxes my upper body

    Any tips??

    Also, the wrists... OHMYGOD!!! so sore, especially my left wrist from all the clutch work anymore tips?

  2. If its really bad, take a day off from riding and let your body recover, you'l adapt to it eventually.
  3. you are holding your weight with your arms, and therefore placing too much pressure on your wrists.
    this is a sure sign of a poor riding position, get someone near you to watch you ride, and give you some pointers about your position.
    \your elbows should be loose, holding almost no weight.
    work on those ab's ;)
  4. What you are lacking is "riding fitness"....you are supposed to support your upper torso with you back and abdomen, and using your knees to help by gripping the tank..

    This is all something that you will get used to over a few months, but don't be afraid to take a break from the bike and give your bod a chance for a breather.

    Test....sit on the bike normally...now let go of the bars and raise your body back away from them until just your fingertips can touch the grips...Whatever muscles are being used to hold you there, is pretty much how you should be supporting yourself. (in an ideal world)
    ....hard is'nt it... :grin:

  5. Don't stress, you are using muscles that you wouldnt normally use as much.

    Like anything it gets better the more time you spend doing it.

    Exercises that increase your core strength will help with the whole grip with your knees realax your arms thing.
  6. OK, i get pains in a similar area, like between the neck and the right shoulder.

    I find every time i tense up and am nervous about any ride, the pain comes back, but whenever I make a concious effort to relax and say to myself everything will be ok when I ride, the pain doesnt seem to happen.

    Try and make a conscious effort to relax! It seems to help me with my pain.(Also some Voltaren gel on the area lol)
  7. it can help if you go to a gym and build up your abs and core.
    I've found triways tank grips
    help as its easier to grip the tank with my knees.
  8. Its probably just a matter of your body getting used to a new position. When I first got the Ducati I could only ride about 30min before I was in pain. I now do day rides no problems.
  9. cheers for the tips... I'm a personal trainer and pretty fit, so I don't think lack of core strength is the problem. If it is, then I'm in the wrong business lol

    Like i said though, when I remember to grip more with my knees, I automatically feel the pressure off my arms. But I only remember when the pain kicks in. I'm sure I'll learn soon enough.

    The main one thats pissing me off is my back/shoulders (Traps). I was thinking it was from having the extra weight of the helmet and constantly having my neck in the wrong position, which i think it is.

    If this makes any sense, it's like sitting normally on a chair and looking up at the ceiling lol (thats not how i ride, but best way to explain my neck position)
  10. Yeah, it takes some time to get used to the weight of your helmet. It's amazing to think that your neck can handle the extra weight. My helmet is 1.6kg and unless I get a nasty up draught, I barely notice the weight now.
  11. Don't worry...you can be quite fit generally, but be poorly conditioned for riding a bike...It's ride strength that counts the most, and you have'nt developed it yet...

    Take your time. :)
  12. As others have said it sounds like a combination of slipping into a bad riding posture and not yet having 'riding' fitness.

    Your high strength and fitness level might even be contributing to it - allowing you to hold a bad posture for longer and ending up sore.

    Try a check every now and then - are you gripping the tank with legs? Supporting your upper body through the back and abdomen. Keeping the weight off your wrists and not holding onto the bars too tight?

    Check your position on the seat, is it allowing your to support yourself correctly? Can you change it a little to take the weight off your upper back and wrists? Is the bike a bad 'fit' for your height?

    Good luck. My tailbone hurt like hell when I first rode until I figured out I was sitting too far forward and i was rolling back onto it when I took off, for me it was as simple as moving back an inch on the seat.
  13. For the first couple of days my hands and back would be killing me after only 20 minutes of riding. I was all tensed up, the whole 'omg I am on a bike on public roads' thing. I rode to work 4 of the 5 days this week, 35 minutes each way and because I am much more relaxed on the bike, I haven't had a single ache. Once you get over the initial stuff you will natrually relax more. I found I did anyway. Am still learning every day though obviously. Its those damn tight turns that get me :p
  14. Are your control levers correctly adjusted for height? When I bought a new bike a few years ago, I couldn't believe how badly it was set up. Clutch and front brake levers were way too high as was the rear brake lever. When seated in your riding position and fingers on the levers, make sure the back of your hand and forearm are in line and not cranked back. Likewise don't have your rear brake lever set too high. I see lots of riders around town with their toe wedged under the lever. Not much use there if you want to use it in a hurry.
  15. Awesome reply mate, most things I understood and it's about being comfortable. I have noticed that my wrists aren't in a natural position when reaching for the clutch. The problem with the clutch too is thAT whenever i stop at lights or something i have to pull in the clutch and wait coz i find it hard to find first gear again. whether it's my bike or newby riding skills, I'm not sure. Thought it was as simpled as stomping the gear down to first? but never sticks.

    Anyway, will check if I can adjust the levers etc tomorrow. thanks ahain
  16. Don't believe that for a second Raven is right give it time. Can you hold up your upper body @ 30deg from horisontal for 3 hr straight without getting sore, if not time on the bike is your friend.
  17. that's a big call.
    raven, imho, is rarely wrong, and definitely knows his shit.
  18. Did I not make myself clear, if not sorry, the point I was making was that Raven was spot on :wink:
  19. no questions asked on that, from what I can see, almost everyone on this forum has more experience than I do, just making a point that i spend enough goddamn time in the gym! LOL so time on the bike is my option. I don't have a problem with that at all, i LOVE riding :]
  20. A new topic on riding position would be well received I'd say.
    ( Did a search .. doesn't appear to be any )
    What John said makes sense. But I think one needs to 'know' what the correct riding position is. I don't think I've developed those muscles required either. Ive never experienced any discomfort, or pain whilst riding. However, see if anyone can make sense of this.
    Around 12,000km + of riding in 12 mths .. no pain
    The next few thousand km, I had begun to concentrate more on my riding position, supporting myself more with my knees gripping the tank, relaxing my grip etc. NOW I get pain in my shoulder blades after 30min. :shock:
    WTF am I doing wrong? Or have I now begun to do it right and need to develop those muscles? Should my back be arched up, straight or bent forward?