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Riding overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wernicke, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. anyone done any riding and or been on a riding tour overseas? i just recently got back from phuket and the deffinate highlight of the trip was being able to rent out a scooter and take it out for a drive along some of the most awesome looking coasts ive ever seen. Anyway its wet my wistle to do it again, im looking into doing a enduro ride in the himaylays next through a tour company. Anyone had any experiances doing this kind of thing.

  2. The thing that sticks in my mind about riding over here is how easy you could find yourself riding on the wrong side of the road especially at night. At least in a car you have the steering wheel that tells indicates if you are on the outer edge of the road you are on the wrong side :LOL:

    At least Florida drivers are laid back about most things. Indicating is optional but it doesnt seem to cause to much hassle. Off to NY tomorrow so I'll be able to compare. :p

  3. a little too laid back, sometimes! :cry:
  4. Thailand is fun. As you will have noticed, there are no aparrent road rules. The largest object generally gets right of way. The downside is the very, very high rate of accidents from both tourists and locals. But I do enjoy riding or even driving there, its a mental challenge to do it and stay out of trouble. I've never done any organised enduro riding though, but it sounds exciting.
  5. Now imagine if they did that for offending drivers in Australia....

    Oh, you just wish they did that for offending drivers....
  6. I've ridden from Chang Mai to Pai in the Golden Triangle on a little 125cc manual scooter. It was amazing...


    Double check that your travel insurance covers you. It would get pretty expensive if something untoward happened...
  7. Yes :grin: Thailand-twice,Vietnam&Canada.
  8. Kuala Lumpur here....thats where i rode my very first 'bike' and have been back several times...
  9. Does hiring a bike overseas work out cheaper than a car hire? I know it's harder with packing cos you won't have a boot or a backseat if the boot isn't big enough. Is it comparable?
  10. Yep, a thousand miles through Oregon, through rain, slush and finally snow. Terrifying but totally unforgettable and just ... awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  11. Rode from Phnom Penh to Sihanookville in Cambodia a few weeks ago... should do a post about it actually.

    Also Thailand and Vietnam.
  12. yup, rode bikes in singapore, malaysia and thailand. Thailand is awesome, as long as u dont ride to Bangkok
  13. I can't remember how much it cost to hire the scooter for a week in Thailand but it was MUCH cheaper than hiring a car. The car hire places I looked at (Avis, etc) basically charged the same as it would cost in Australia...
  14. Depends where you are in the world. I've only looked at North America and hiring a bike there is stupidly expensive (or was a few years ago when I toured around) In the end it was cheaper in the US to buy a bike and sell it when I was done 4 months later. I paid $4500 and sold it for $3700 with 30,000 kms on the clock. Insurance was the hardest part to find being a foreigner and ended up costing me $1200. But for 4 month bike hire would have been closer to $5k.
    Short term it was still about twice the cost of car hire.

    Anyone gone through Eastern Europe/Russia?
  15. Phuket is AWESOME! I recommend it to everyone who is looking to take a trip there. You can rent a whole range of bikes from scooters to CBRs to Shadows. I rented a 750 Shadow with straight though exhausts and took the bike all around the coast line. Seabreeze and fantastic views! And I only paid Aus$30/day.
  16. you dont really even need a licence in thailand. the law says you do, but no rental place will check, no one has insurance either... break it buy it pretty much. a scooter was about 4 bucks ausy a day. wasnt keen to get a bike as i only have a 150kms experiance on the hyo back here at home. but 929's ninjas and a few harleys were availabe in phuket
  17. beauty well that covers the two questions I had:
    a) do you need a license (whats it like for other countries? is it a pain in the ass getting an international license?)
    b) can you get something more powerful... I don't imagine it'd be much fun on a road bike around town anyway but i'd love to go cruising down the coast like a few people seem to have done

    Im thinking of moving to pommy land for a year or more in a while, but I was kinda thinking it is hardly worth getting a bike over there due to weather and lack of open roads (around london anyway)
  18. you do legally need a licence but no place ever asked for one. a cop could in theory book you if caught but the cops over there are pretty layed back and there really arnt many per person.
  19. Yup. Isle of man TT 2007. Went up thru scotland as well. Absolutely awesome. Really easey to ride as most motorists seem to be courteous and motorcycle aware. I was cruising,2 up anywhere from 140kph to 220kph and reasonably safely as well. Just flowing with the traffic. Im goin back.......