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Riding overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, May 24, 2006.

  1. Anyone done any riding overseas?
    Either on their own bike or rented one?

    If yes, please add a little info about where, what bike, how much/expenses... and any other 5cent stories that are worth a read!


    I did a bit of scooter riding in Japan a couple of years ago. I felt like the only one lane splitting and road rage with taxis was great because as soon as they saw I was western they started bowing apologetically... only encouraging me more to do whatever i felt like on the road.
    I also saw about 150 mostly modded bikes zoom past us through a red light and past police (the gang is apparently called bosozoku? or something like that, something equivilent to a hard ass harley gang here).
    Last but not least some d1ck head changed his zx-6r stickers for a set of ducati stickers. First fluro green Ducati I ever saw!

    Thinking about travelling somewhere again for some riding... so if someone has some good recomendations, please post!
  2. I rode through a big puddle once, couldn’t stay on top no matter how fast I went, but never rode overseas. Do you get good mileage :?:
  3. Bosuzaku, they're called. They're not really hard ass, just really LOUD WITH THEIR MODIFIED MUFFLERS!
    Lol. :]
    They're harmless usually, just loud and annoying. :]

  4. i rented bikes all through vietnam for about 5 aussie a day....fuel is cheap over there and there are many more bikes than cars.....no real road rules so be careful....also the horn is used more as a "i'm overtaking you now, here i come" instead of the "f you" its used here for.

    also, i rented a 125 cc old russian minsk and did some huge mountain climbs there.....i had the manual starter fall off and had to roll start it.....thinking it would cost a fortune to repair but it only cost $2 for a part that would cost $100 here..
  5. Nothing yet but hoping to rent a bike/scoot in Malaysia in about a months time - can let you know how it went when I get back.
  6. Ive ridden across Canada from East to West coast and lotsa bits in between in 2001,on same trip ambled on into good ol U.S. of A when doing a couple of wrong turns,bought the equivalent of our Yamaha XS1100 in Toronto and 2 and half months and 14000kms,and 1 sore ass later,sold it in Van Couver. :moped:

    In 2003,rode through Vietnam,through central highland jungles,from Saigon,to place called Hoi An,on a 125cc little Honda,max allowable size there,did couple thousand km,s from Sth to North.Very interesting experience :shock: :moped:

    In 2000 rode round Thailand, North of Bangkok up the east border,to the border of golden triangle poppy fields of Burma and then back down east coast,on a XR2FIDDY,then in 2003,similar heading sth of Bangkok,big loop,and lotsa bits in between,on a Honda Transalp 600,bout 3000km approx. :moped:

    Planning ultimately with a mate to ride Bhutan and the Himalayas,rooftop of the world,basically,have passport,have cash,I ride,or
    You pay,I ride,I wish:grin: :biker:
  7. I've ridden in lots of countries including UK USA Germany, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Mongolia and France. It's pretty much the same everywhere on a bike once you get the hang of the 'other side of the road' thing. The big exception is France. They have this little rule called 'Priorite Adroit', it means that anything on the right has priority, always, no exceptions, and they play it hard. You could be barreling down a road with 130kph limit and a 13yo on a moped appears suddenly from the right and sits in the way drinking a Coke at 20kph with absolute right of way. That would apply just the same if you were driving a 'B' Double.