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Riding over Mt Hotham late Winter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Wheres me Boike, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. I have had an itch to ride over Hotham with max Snow , clear Roads, and max Sunshine.
    Weatherzone says this Saturday and Sunday is going to be Sunny.
    Has anyone been up there lately?
    Are Bikes allowed?
    Are Roads clear?
    I'm thinking about an overnighter in Omeo.
    Any advise would be much appreciated.

  2. HeliHeli gets up there around this time, he may be able to answer your queries. I'm interested too as I plan to be up that way again soon.

    Terry at Golden Age Hotel is a top bloke and has looked after us many times. AWESOME brekky!!

    Enjoy your trip and remember to post pics.

  3. I haven't done my annual jaunt so far this season; the only decent conditions have been at the weekend and there's no way I'm mixing with the snow bunnies on a bike!

    I usually pick a dry, clear day and set off (from the Mt Macedon area) before 7am for breakfast at Mansfield via Broadford. Then up to Hotham for lunch at Dinner Plain, and back via Bairnsdale and the backroads to Melbourne and home by about 8pm. Usually 1,000km.

    I've never had an issue with lack of chains although technically the law requires them to be carried, so be aware that it could be an issue should a copper choose to pull you over. The sun doesn't get on some stretches of road (a kilometre before DP is deadly) so watch out for ice, otherwise the roads are a great challenge for bikes. Either the Hotham website or ski.com.au will give you the best idea of conditions, check the snow-cams at ski.com.au as well as the road conditions.

    It may be a new option to go north from Omeo and through to Albury, now that the road is sealed, but you're then committed to the Hume for some of the return unless you come back via Beechworth and then pick up the Whitfield road back to Mansfield.

    If I go soon, I'll post an invite somewhere in rides :D
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    It's not clear to me whether it applies to motorbikes but if you stop a car in the Hotham resort area during the declared snow season and you havent paid for a resort entry ticket, you can get a fine.

    So maybe check that if you want to stop in Hotham village. If you ride/drive straight through from Harrietville to Dinner Plain then you don't have to pay.


    Workmate just got back he was up there for a few days last week, said the roads were clear and he didnt have to fit chains to his car.
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  5. IT's important to go on a day when chains aren't required to be fitted, but the carriage of chains is mandatory through the season. As I mentioned, I've never been stopped but would have no defence if I were to be booked.

    The camera system for booking vehicles for resort access is at the old ticket boxes, and if you don't purchase a parking permit for the day then they may send you a ticket. Again, I've always stopped for a chat with friends in Hotham Central (and a coffee) before riding on down to Dinner Plain and never had a problem; but don't take that as a guarantee that you will get away with stopping.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) looks like a bluebird day and ideal for a run. Unfortunately I have a 20k service booked next Monday and only 400km left to use this week. Bugger!
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  6. Hey NedNed HeliHeli jmcjmc and thanks for the info.
    I have done a 1 Dayer over Hotham and back to Melb quiet a few times, but I think core body temp could get a bit low during a 11 hour ride in low temps.
    Just to be clear, if I only stay on the main road, Bright through to Omeo, stop a couple times at the Top for some photos, and then off to Omeo, does this mean I have accessed the resort? Could I get a fine just to park the Bike and take a photo or two?
  7. Technically if you stop inside the resort area during snow season you need to pay the entry fee. The resort entry/exit points are at Buckland Gap and Mother Johnsons the blue shaded area in this map http://www.mthotham.com.au/assets/maps/Great_Alpine_Rd_Driving_Guide.pdf

    A friend of mine drove his car from Bright up to the village a few weeks ago, had a coffee up there then drove back down to Bright. He got a fine in the post.
  8. That would be because he exited by the same gate as he came in. If you drive through they allow a default time for the trip, but that has to allow for both the posted speed limit and the very variable weather conditions. If you're transiting on a fine day (as you would on a bike) it will be up to 30 minutes quicker than on a cr@p day following the snow plough.

    Also I haven't been there this season but the cameras were set up to capture the front of a vehicle.......
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  9. I wish I'd gone today :(
  10. Yes, I was thinking about that too.
    The forecast for Hotham has turned bad for the weekend, so I'm putting it of for now.
  11. Well, the Mt Hotham forecast for tomorrow is "Frost then Sunny", so, I think Tomorrow is the day.
    I'm thinking about doing a 1 Dayer Tomorrow. I doubt I will get Max Snow again from here on.
    HeliHeli I know you don't want to mix it with it with too many cars, but I f you change your mind, then meet in Yea at 8am ish? or anyone else who wishes to come along.
  12. Thanks but I'll pass for this weekend: have fun :D
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    I had a late start at 6.45am, so I done the Hume to Tallarook, then decided to stay on the Hume to Glenrowan. This turned out to be a good idea as I had more time on the Mountain. Melbourne had the only cloudy weather of the Trip. The rest was Blue Skies and Sunshine. Bright was a rather quiet Town with just a few Visitors. Then on to the Mountain.


    The warmest temperatures were around Bright at 16 Degrees, and the lowest was 5 degrees.

    There is some Stunning Scenery up there.




    Then on to Omeo, Bairnsdale and went through the farming District of Braigolong, Heyfield, Old sale Rd and back to Melbourne.
    The roads were dry for the entire Trip.
    I got home at the very respectable time 6.04pm, with 896km chalked up for the Day.
    It was a totally epic Trip with everything going to plan.

    and thanks for the tips and info.
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  14. I was on Donna Buang today, at 4C and one lump of snow, the joint was freezing! That looks fantastic!! I should have gone!
  15. fantastic pics boike !!!
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  16. Thank you Sir.

    I had perfect conditions. I need to learn a bit more from how you create the shot. I Probably Passed a 1000 photo Ops that I failed to spot.
    There's more from the Mountain here.

    Postimage.org / Mt Hotham Sep 2015
  17. Very nice shots, especially Pelley's Pond: but you didn't get my helipad ;)

    Where did you stop for lunch?
  18. #18 Wheres me Boike, Sep 7, 2015
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    I got the dining out of the way early at Glenrowan. Then south of Omeo, had a Cup of Dilmah, a fruit scone with Butter and Strawberry Jam sitting on a rock listening to the water fall on the Tambo River. You cant buy that in a Café. Then another quick cuppa beside the Tarago River just before Longwarry.

    Does this look like your Birds nest?

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  19. Hay Boike. Next time PLEASE invite me......
  20. You've just mapped out next year's Black Dog Ride that GreyBMGreyBM will lead.....
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