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Riding out of restriction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GMAN, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. :) Hi guys and gals,
    a mate of mine is rideing a 600cc bike on his learners,wat will be the outcome if he gets caught???
    i have told him that TAC mite not cover him and insurance companies.
    will he get fined??? how much???
    will he loose points??? :?
    thanks G

  2. well he's already lost his marbles, and any sympathy if he has an accident or hits someone.....
  3. If its Victoria the penalty is a fine ($280 I think) with no loss of demerit points. Insurance is unlikely to pay out in the event of an accident. Don't know about TAC, should be still be covered especially if the bike is registered.
  4. He, and anyone else who may be injured, are covered by the TAC. Insurance would most likely not cover him, nowever it is actually possible that he will be covered (but as I said, not likely). If he gets caught its around $120 and no points.
  5. $110 fine and no points

    TAC still covers him if it is registered

    insurance wont cover him (i think)

    he'll start getting in shit tho if he gets pulled over multiple times, cops dont like being ignored apparently.

    and its impolite to yell :wink: :LOL: :p
  6. Silly question? Has he got his Ls up?

    If not I think the fine for that will be a LOT bigger then for riding out of class.
  7. oooh yes, forgot that one :LOL:

    failure to display plates is something like $500 or thereabouts for a memory :shock:

    and riding a 600 on your Ls is just BEGGING for trouble :LOL: your buddy aint the brightest star in the sky :wink:
  8. Correct on all three counts. Insurance also includes 3rd party, so if s/he hits a person or vehicle, they have to open their pockets as well as for their own damage. As LineNoise says, also a fine for not displaying plates. Additionally, no private medical, income, disability, or death benefits.

    In summary, do your mate a favour and tell him/her they are an idiot and it's simply not worth it.
  9. Also carries 3 demerit points so if the cops can find something else to book him with to make up another 2 he loses his licence (new rule about learners/P-platers only allowed to rack up 5 points in 12 months).
  10. booyah! ouch eh :shock: harsh, but thats the law :?
  11. Yeah, ride a 1000cc bike on L's all you want and only rack up fines but get caught more than once on a 250 without your L or P-plates attached and goodbye licence :? .
  12. Firstly, riding without L plates displayed is a different penalty to riding without P plates displayed.

    Last i checked (last i got done for it), riding without displaying L plates is no demerit points and a ~$180 fine. Riding without P plates is a $300+ fine and 3 demerit points.

    In the case that he was riding a 600cc bike on a restricted bike license (with a full car license) then he's simply get the $110 slap on the wrist fine for being a naughty boy. If however he was on his P's, not displaying them, and riding a bigger bike... well bend over the bike laddy and take it like a man.

    That said, i'm sure if you were being an ass on a restricted license and riding a 600cc bike - the copper would do you for whatever he felt like... like a major defect for an unroadworthy rear tyre. :evil:
  13. yeah he doesnt advertise the l plates
  14. my friend got a fine for not displaying Ps.. it was like 50-100

    no idea about Ls though :p
  15. That would've been a while ago now then... they changed the P plate law to try and regulate the number of P plate cagers driving 'high-powered' cars.
  16. yeah, definitely not worth it. Especially the lack of cover from insurance, if Murphy's Law has anything to do with it, you mate is more likely to need insurance than us do goodys.

    Tell your mate to get his speed fix at a track... a $180 fine is the same as a track day yeah? much safer for EVERYONE.
  17. Well if you get caught riding out of restriction, do they make you get off your bike and leave it there since you shouldn't be riding it, or do you just get a fine and get on your way.

    I ride a trail bike and 250cc is just not big enough to get around on, it barely reaches 100km/h, so I'm getting a 400 or 600 soon (still less than 50hp), but will be on restriction for nearly a year. A fine doesn't worry me too much, but having to leave your bike on the side of the road doesn't sound to appealing.
  18. Anyone know if these consequences are the same in S.A.?
  19. The fact is, you won't be covered by insurance. Thus, if you plow into someone's brand new BMW, you get to fork out for repairs.

    Don't be an idiot, get a 250cc road bike as well if you are worried about your 250cc dirt bike not being able to travel 100km/h. Also, I wouldn't suggest aiming for sympathy because you're stuck on a 250 because it's something that almost all of us have to go through ('cept those bloody Q'landers who have had their car license for 3 years :p ).
  20. Not to mention there's a lot you can learn on a 250 before you get on a more powerful bike... mistakes usually don't hurt as much on a 250!