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Riding on windy days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pot87, May 18, 2008.

  1. before i had to take my motorcycle to a friends place and it's like 6k's away so i got on my motorcycle and started riding, now it's pretty windy today and i was having trouble keeping the bike in a straight line the bike was all over the place but i still controled it. I then got up to 110km/h and it was fine i wasn't havening trouble, but at like 60km/h i was, i wonder why that was?, Now i had to dodge some branches and sh!t on the road but yeah that didn't worry me. So yeah how come the bike was all over the road at low speed and not at high speed?.

  2. You remember those little gyroscope things you saw as a kid and thought. "OMG MAJICK'S!"

    The slower they spin, the less stable they are.

    The wheels and engine create the same effect.
    The faster you go, the more gyration ( :wink: )
    More gyration, more stability.

    I like that word.... Gyration...
  3. It uses to freak me abit riding on windy days but you get uses to it. I took some tips from forum members and that really helped. Don't know where your from but not long ago there was a really windy day in Melb wind speed @ 110-120km. I was riding that day and I think that help alot in terms of getting over the fear, and feeling your bike. The things that help me was relax, don't fight the bike ride it.
  4. Please don't do that on the road, what if someone low sides through it. Yuk.
  5. Fast or slow i went on my mate's CBR 250rr on the M5 i was still getting knocked!
    But i guess it's like a wind tunnel! scary moment when i saw lightning approaching too!
  6. yeah i saw a bloke on a harley that day and he was having major trouble too, and that was the only other bike i seen too. Oh well i guess that you will have windy days on bikes thats just part of riding i suppose
  7. Well I thought it was funny even if no one else did :LOL:

    Like when someone says "I wouldn't eat shit like that for breakfast" I say "you eat shit"

    Back to the topic, I suggest (as has been) that you ride in ALL types of weather as often as you can. Wet, windy, heat anything as its all going to happen sooner or later so you better get prepared for it.