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Riding on the Westgate Fwy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Krish, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. #1 Krish, Jun 3, 2014
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    hi folks,

    Been riding into the city from Point Cook for just over a week now....
    Thought I'd open up a thread for all of us westies to share tips, route recommendations, traffic updates, rants, raves and what have you....

    so....route recommendations.....i quickly found out that my preferred route from when I used to drive wasnt necessarily the best when I ride.... I am located at 35 Collins and used to exit the city from my parking at 11 Exhibition, by turning right off Exhibition onto Flinders, Right onto St.Kilda Rd and getting to Power St via Southbank Blvd....
    I quickly discovered that the lights at the cnr of SKR and Sthbank Blvd are not suited for riding since there is not room to filter and the right turn lights are very short....
    I then tried going up Spring st, Vic Pde, Dynon Rd, Whitehall St, Francis St and onto the M1 from the Willy Rd on ramp...
    I also tried heading west on flinders, left at King St and a U Turn to take the on ramp to head to the Westgate... it was efficient 2 out of 3 times.... and seems like a decent option...
    Last couple of days I have been riding all the way across the CBD thro Flinders and getting onto the westgate via the Montague street on ramp...

    Any other options folks have tried??

    In terms of options coming into the City, I have tried only 2
    M1- Westgate - Todd Rd- Kingsway Ramp- Left on Sturt Street - SKR - Flinders St
    M1- Willy Rd exit - Right on Francis St- Whitehall Rd - Dynon Rd - Vic Pde- Right onto Exhibition

    Any better options??

  2. dammit....is there a way i can edit that???
  3. I wouldn't be travelling over the Westgate when it looks like this....

  4. thanks for correcting the thread title moderator :)
  5. that's not a realy pic is it??
  6. Put your head on a swivel when riding the Westgate fwy at peak hour. Filter cautiously. Some drivers are hopeless and the plod often run "campaigns".

    There's only one real alternative route into the city if the desire is to avoid the freeway - getting on Geelong road and then working your way onto either of Dynon or Footscray roads.
  7. I used to avoid that route because of the number of trucks there, but I have come to notice that they are much safer to ride alongside than the average ute or souped up sedan driver who I have assessed as my biggest "adversaries" on the road because of their apparent dislike for my ability to get to my destination slightly quicker than they can...

    My only issue with the Princes Fwy --> Dynon Road option is the lower speed and the additional traffic lights...on decent days the M1--> Westgate is the quickest option... i usually take the call on the days route after I do a quick Google Maps traffic check...

    Today for example, there was a hold up on the M1 around the WRR intersection as there often is and I did encounter more than a fair share of knobs who veered in an attempt to block my path.... but thanks to my development as a rider, I did manage to navigate my way through, albeit at <50kmph without any dramas...made my trip from Pt Cook to 35 Collins in under 45 mins including a tyre inflation stop...
  8. I've started commuting on the down the Deer Park bypass then onto the Westgate into Sth Melbourne. The run is great compared to what it used to be years ago, the extra lanes etc have made a huge difference.

    One tip for freeway commuting....stay in the right hand lane, then you only have to worry about one side moving over on you.
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  9. I ride from Werribee to Burwood. I am up over the bridge and if I am running late throught he tunnel and onto the Monash. If I am early I take Power St and then Alexandra Ave, through Toorak and back out onto the Monash to avoid tolls. I also work shifts, so I am travelling that route at different times every week. I have noticed a lot of Police solos in the mornings sometimes like @robsalvv@robsalvv has said.

    Has anyone noticed the lane closures late at night outbound using the new overhead signs? I reckon someone is just playing with the button or something, because the number of times the left lanes are closed over the bridge with no roadworks and then the right lanes are closed at Willy road and no one to be seen. That really shits me.
  10. hmm.....weird indeed...worth an email to Vic Roads??
    I am headed back home by 5 on most days so I havent noticed...
  11. I'm too lazy to do that. I'll just moan about it on forums instead lol
  12. but slack is my middle name.
  13. I ride the westgate from Deer Park to richmond every morning from 6:30 to 7:00am. I usually take the same route home, but when the westgate is looking buggered, I'll jump down the montague off ramp, swing around warunjeri and go footscray rd / geelong rd home.
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  14. Same here. Use the westgate most days. Friday evenings somehow are a horror story so up wurundjeri and then down princes hwy it is... and of course the customary google maps check any day that I leave office post 4.30pm....

    Anyone filter on the bridge. I tried a couple of times but its a bit squeezy...
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  15. Nah I very seldom split on the bridge itself, especially in the wet. It's narrow and those lane domes are plentiful and abrupt.
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  16. I shifted my hours so I could avoid most of the crap traffic on Westgate. I come in on the Western Highway, Deer Park Bypass, Ring Road, Westgate then off at Power Street, Queensbridge, Flinders, Russell, Bourke. Door to door is often 40 minutes arriving at 9.30 compared to 60-70 arriving at 9.00. Sometimes I'll turn right onto City Road and go up the Exhibition Street extension and live with the toll there.

    Home is usually worse, getting from the east side of Swanston Street is a pain. My usual route is Little Bourke Street (cursing the 20km/h cars and pedestrians with a death wish) to Spencer, up Spencer to Dudley, Footscray Road, Whitehall Street, Williamstown Road, Westgate. Sometimes I'll go down Wurundjeri Way and onto Westgate at the Montague Street on ramp, or if I'm in a rush, citylink across Bolte Bridge with the toll.
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  17. I recently started using the toll route coming off power street, down city road and up exhibition recently too....at least the traffic flows and there is room to split....unlike the other options to get to the east-side of the CBD from the West... plus i figured that the law of averages would eventually catch up with me if I continued riding down St.Kilda road with the occasional nudge into the cycle lane...

    Heading home, i have found going down Fliders, left onto Queensbridge st and onto the M1 via the Power Street on ramp to be most efficient for me....this is if I can leave around 4.30....any later and I will take flinders all the way to go up Wrundjeri and onto the Docklands Hwy....I hate riding on the westgate when it is chockers....
  18. theres a plus and a minus when cars are you trying to block filtering, It might slow you down a little but at least the bastards are using their mirrors..
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  19. I have little choice. The Westgate is easily the quickest route for me (yarraville to pt Melbourne). 7-15 mins versus 12-50 mins. By car. No contest.
    Quite a bit of filtering but you do have to get used to all the bridges idiosyncrasies..