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QLD Riding on the shoulder

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Markus_15, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. m1 highway between brissy and Gold Coast has, at certain sections, both right and left shoulder lanes. Is it legal to ride on the right hand side shoulder lane when traffic is slow / stationary and speed limit > 90 km. the law/ rules are not explicit on this?

  2. From TMR website;
    On major roads, such as motorways, freeways and highways where the speed limit is 90km/hr or more, a rider who holds an open licence for riding a motorcycle (including RE and R open licence holders) may ride past stationary or slow moving traffic at speeds not greater than 30km/hr on the road shoulder (the sealed area of a road to the left or right of an edge line) or in an emergency stopping lane. A motorcycle rider is required to give way to cyclists or motorcycle riders already on the road shoulder. Riding on a road shoulder is not allowed on roads with lower speed limits where there may be more pedestrian activity and it may pose a greater road safety risk to pedestrians.
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  3. Yes ... the right shoulder is ok to ride but try to stick to the rules ...
    I find the left more roomy most of the time although you need to be extra vigilant near the off-ramps. There are some sections where the right is handy.
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  4. I ride up the middle to avoid the boys in blue. Seen them picking guys up on the left sometimes.
  5. Agreed! Left emergency lane is interspersed with junctions, the right is filled with debris - had to avoid a broom yesterday. Also, huge puncture potential. I'll take my chances between the cagers.

    Seems the trend in Bris is to hit the left shoulder at 60kmh as soon as traffic even begins to brake.
  6. A copper was on the side of the road yesterday booking a rider for something and watched me as I went up the emergency lane of a loooong on ramp which was blocked up (this emergency lane is literally 3/4m wide). I knew what I was doing wasn't technically correct, but I knew he was in the middle of writing a ticket, and I knew I wasn't going to line up in traffic like some sort of....cager.

    Figured I'd fang it through onto the highway and out of there.........he never caught up with me thank god.
  7. As above, it's explicitly legal in QLD in 90kph and faster sections.

    A grey area recently discovered by netridernauts was regarding variable speedlimit sections on the Gateway Motorway which can reduce the speed limit below 90kph due to congestion/roadworks/accident/etc. To the letter of the law, once the speed limit is below 90kph shoulder filtering must end. On the other hand we tend not to have roads with speed limits of 90kph and up where pedestrians/parked cars/etc are likely, so 90kph would be a good 'short hand' way for legislators to tell riders which roads can be edge-filtered and which can't.

    Regardless, Police seem to be enforcing it to the letter of the law - if the speed limit drops below 90kph, edge filtering is out.
  8. I have wondered about that as speed limits are dropped quite often on the variable speed signs on the Ipswich motorway. Another reason to stay up the middle.