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Riding on the Hwy on L's....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TeeTeeAhh, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. So I've been lurking around the forum for a little while now, reading most of the sticky threads in this part of the forum - they've been super helpful, so thanks!

    After tooling around on dirt/trail bikes for a little bit (which I love), I decided to finally get my L's back in October (my hubby did the A4DE last year and I thought having a license made sense). I live in a country town, which is pretty quiet, so I've been getting around town (to the shop/gym etc) on a TTR250, which has been great for learning and building on the skills learned at the 'Stay Upright' course.

    I recently decided to sell a couple of my old cars and get a road bike - which I have :)
    I went with a 2000 Kawasaki GPX with 38,000kms on the clock. Happy days.

    The town I live in is close to Canberra (about 50kms away). Obviously to get there I have to travel on the Highway...on my L's... doing only 80kms an hour. Now, I'm no boy racer, I'm a mid-thirties mother of 2, so doing 80 is no problem for me (especially seeing as the GPX is infinitely more comfy at 80+ than the TTR on road legal knobbies!)

    My question is then, do I just get out there and do the Hwy drive and not worry about other motorists? Or do I look for opportunities to let cars overtake where I can?
    The Hwy in question is a notorious 'black spot' and to my mind, drivers frustrated at L-Platers (regardless of vehicle type) are more likely to be a little more reckless in their effort to overtake and get past. With young kids, I guess I have slightly more patience than most, but even I find myself getting pretty frustrated on that Hwy with L-platers (in cars generally) who seem oblivious to the 15-20 cars behind them!

    Any advice for a Hwy novice!?
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  2. Welcome to the forum.

    While I'm not going to tell you to break the law, I will say this. Speed cameras and mobile cameras will not pick up an L plate rider doing below the posted limit but above the restricted limit. Cops with a radar would have no idea that you are an L plater until you have passed them. The chances of them turning around to see you are on a plate are low as they will more likely be focussing on the cars behind you after you have passed. The chances of them chasing you down and pulling you over if they turn around to see you are on your plates are even slimmer as cops will usually pull you over from the side of the road without chasing, by the time you've passed means they have to get into their car and catch up to you. Not really worth it to catch someone who isn't exactly being a hoon.

    Although if you do choose to go above 80 and you see a cop, make sure you don't slow down as this is a dead give away that you are on your plates and they will have already detected your speed.

    There is talk of removing speed restrictions to put NSW inline with the rest of the country, it is a pretty stupid and dangerous law which causes far more problems than it solves.
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  3. I try and let people pass me if they've caught up to me. but till you find a safe place to do so its important to ride your own ride. It doesn't do anyone any good causing build ups of vehicles in one place and the people behind will appreciate it :)
  4. This aasinine restriction has been discussed ad nauseum, hopefully they will get rid of it so you can safely travel at the same speed as others road users as they have in SA.
  5. According to the ACT Motorcycle Riders Handbook (I hold an ACT license) as soon as I'm over the border into the ACT, I can do the Hwy speed limit of 100km/h...
    "..You must not ride faster than the posted speed limit in the ACT and you must not exceed 80km/h when riding in NSW."
    But hey, dems the rules...
    Thanks for the replies, I think I'll continue to learn and get my kms up where I feel comfortable before venturing onto the Hwy - especially not on a long weekend!
  6. My view on this, I'm on my red Ps so am restricted to 90 kph, is if I'm familiar with the road, it's far more dangerous for me to do 10-20 below the speed limit than to go faster than my restricted limit. Especially as most people tend to do 5-15 more than the posted limit anyway. If I don't know the road and the conditions like the back of my hand, I stick to my restricted limit.
  7. Yeah going lower speed on highways is dangerous.

    I've sometimes wondered whether a rider who was mown down would be able to sue the government for imposing dangerous restrictions on them.
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  8. hope they talk quickly, theres no way im going on the highways while on restrictions unless i remove my L plate (not that i ever would ;) ;)).
  9. Don't worry about it the risk is overstated by everyone. I know of no collision where a motorcyclist has been hit because they were travelling at 80. If it actually was dangerous then it would show up on the stats.

    Just ride along at whatever pace you need to, people will go round you.

    If you are really worried find another p plater doing 80 as well and just get in front of them and the cars will go round you both. That is what I do when I want to do 80 on the freeway (when I am low on fuel and want to save fuel to make sure I make it.
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  10. When you get to a straight bit of road and its all clear on the other side, Pull into the left lane and wave them past, They will appreciate it and give you a wide berth,

    Preferably, have an experienced rider plugging along behind you, It keeps the Morons off your tail,
  11. lol i hope your right. ill wait till im comfrotable with the bike then ill give it a go.
  12. So far, that talk has resulted in a change from 80 to 90 for L Platers. That was announced not long ago. Not sure when it comes in but it might come in on July 1st along with the other approved changes.

    Edit: yep. July 1 http://www.caradvice.com.au/219596/...changes-cut-compulsory-hours-increase-speeds/
  13. is that just for cars though? they are talking about log books and stuff. im guessing it will be the same for bikes but will have to do a bit more reading. thanks for that NSSherlock
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    I would at least push it to 90 and claim speedo error if you get done for it, which i highly doubt you would, the cops out there are generally pretty good and are hanging out for the big fish. I used to drive to and from canberra about 10 times a year or more while i lived there doing uni, often on Ps, i never once had any issues and i always did 110. If i was you i would probably do 110 and keep an eye on my mirrors and a car behind me (to cover the l plate from cops coming up from behind) and then keep a keen eye out for highway in the bushes;

    if you hold ACT license, it wont be long before you can just do 110 anyway.

    EDIT: @Vertical C most of the danger is not people crashing into the L plater, but the fact that it causes a huge traffic fcukfest when cars that are already doing maybe, 100kph or 80 when they catch up to the L plater in a 110kph zone pull into the fast lane with out looking and nearly collect someone else, which then causes that car to ebrake, which can have flow on effects and cause a moving snarl of people nearly merging into each other and rear ending each other around the l plater.
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  15. Nothing has been said to indicate it excludes Bikes. Might be time to ask. I'll ask on the NSW MCC FB page.
    I honestly expected them to include additional training for Bikes like the Q-Ride course that is competency based but done after the Pre-L.
  16. Edit: Also that new drivers course isn't compulsory so the increase in L speed seems independent.

  17. I read it that the op was worried about the danger to himself not others. If people are too busy playing with their phones that they miss slow traffic when others have clearly seen the l plater and managed to slow down perfectly safely they deserve to die before they kill someone else.

    And i doubt that it actually is that dangerous, i usually just lane split them at 110 when i get to that.
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  18. i was not talking about the op or riders i was talking about the reason why its bad generally for all road users
  19. On castlereagh hwy south of mudgee on way home from one night stand, L plater in front of us going about 110-120. Hwy patrol rolled past, kept on rolling.
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  20. I called the NSW RTA this morning and they confirmed that the change applied to all L-platers, cars and bikes alike.
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