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Riding on the footpath

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by YellowHornet, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Hi, consider the situ below:

    A litre bike (CBR1000RR...wow, yep, my little buddy and I stopped and check out the bike) is parked on a foothpath adjacent to a busy CBD park. The rider mounts his bike and takes off at a fairly fast pace (25kph+) down the path (100mtrs) so that he can get onto the road via a driveway. The launched as such that it attracted comments like "hoon", "showoff", "bikers!" from people in the vicinity.

    Now, what you're opinion on the following.

    - Are bikers allowed to ride down the footpath until they get to the next (most convenient) driveway and then enter the road? Or do they have to jump the curb?

    - If you are riding down a footpath, at what speed is acceptable (by both rider & the people around them)?

    - Taking off at 25kph is slow for litre bikes, I don't know, I've never been on one... (I'll stuck on a 250 for now... mmmm)

    Personally, I didn't think much of the whole thing. The kids looked and had a smile, a bit of awe I reckon. I thought the rider was cautious, he had the whole foothpath to himself, no one had to jump out of the way or anything... if the guy was really showing off, he would have reved it and let the micron pipes sing.

    I just thought, gee... are all riders perceived as hoons?
  2. IMHO jump the curb, riding any powered vehicle (except certain medical scooters etc) is legal, in a lot of places riding pushbikes on the footpath is illegal

    You shouldn't even if clear, if you have to for some reason, then as slow as you can ride. 25fph is too fast IMHO

    If your good enough to ride 1000cc bikes, you should be good enough to take of at a slower rate than 25 k's. They've generally got a fair bit of torque and once moving should be able to idle along in gear.

    Sadly, in general non-riders think most riders are hoons, esp those that ride the more agressively styled sports bikes. Older riders riding "tourers" tend to get more respect.

    My ideas

  3. Jump the kerb.
    No ifs ands or buts.
    If you cant jump the kerb hand in your bike and license as it is piss easy.
  4. The facts sheet from vicroads that give guidelines about parking on footpaths say that moving the bike after mounting the footpath, should not have the engine running, and must be walked (without mounting) the bike.

    For me, when I'm on the footpath, I shut off the engine and slowly reposition myself to where I want to be parked. It's not a good idea to 'ride' down footpaths, it even sounds dangerous and I don't think people (especially police) look kindly to that.

    I think you need to mount the bike to move it around. Heavy bikes make it hard to walk it to where you want it to go.

  5. Sort off, the bike must be under foot power and not engine power. Done slowly and considerately for a short distance, the law will not concern itself with doing it under engine power.
  6. hhmmm at....Martyh - are you sure that it's legal?? and tagawaka....the leaflet is a guide only?? isn't it?

    I would really like to know for sure....

    Cluey and I have once been told off by a kind do-gooder for riding on the footpath......I was thinking, how can one park legally on the footpath without riding on it in the first place.

    So, I have to ask the kind person....I said:"yes, we are allow to"...he said:"no you are not, I know, I ride too..."......*shrug* *couldn't be bothered* *not sure whether he's lying*...walking off.

    And personally, I'm more of a hazard pushing a bike, than riding it, especially on footpath.....*not an excuse, just a description follows*....I always go really slow, and always wait for pedestrians clearance before I move...really slowly (walking speed).
  7. It must be walked.

    No faster than walking speed

    Regardless of bike size (except maybe large cruiser which I never ridden), walking speed or less is no different. It's balance and control that's important. More pracice is needed if you can't ride a bike at walking speed.

    Footpath parking is something I'll zealously protect, and we should value greatly and treat with respect. Doing running speed is not on, and if people want to do that on teh footpath they should go over the kerb and do it on the road. :evil:
  8. Mouth, what do you mean "it must be walked" and "no faster than walking speed"?

    I assume walking the bike means the engine's off...and faster than walking speed cannot be done unless engine's on...

    I'm confuse....maybe it's late.....and I need my netrider dot com dot au fix.
  9. You use your legs to move the bike. Whether this be you straddled over it, or walking beside it. If the bikes light enough, or it's downhill, then you shouldn't go any faster than walking pace.
  10. Yes, that leaflet are 'guidelines'. But they're reasonable aren't they? I mean does it make it a difference if you replaced 'guidelines' with 'law' in this case. If your in the cbd, and you ride with engine power down the footpath, you 'deserve' reprecussion from the law. Endangering pedestrians for a start.

    I would prefer it stay as guidelines, rather than have clearly defined law. As soon as we start getting legislation in the mix, then be sure very hard restrictions would be placed on the table, and I'd be surprised if the whole thing would result in a across the board ban on footpath parking.

    I definately agree to that. Respect the privilege of being allowed to park on footpaths. Riders from other states whom have banned footpath parking envy us victorians for being allowed. I'd definatly understand if pedestrians get pissed off if a rider starts to ride through the footpath.

    I might even be a little understanding if one of them gets pissed off and gives the rider a shove. You're ruining it for the rest of us if you do s**t like that, and if some rider manages to hurt someone and get the whole deal banned, I wouldn't mind joining a nice linch mob of riders to find that offending rider.
  11. Oh ok, now I get yous....so we are not allow to ride on it, but we can walk it..:)

    Do we do that at coffee night? Can't seem to recall anything..:p
  12. Actually in this case it's all about Consideration and Respect. Slow ride on the footpath as we used to do on coffee night, especially at Southbank, shouldn't be a problem as long as you clearly show the pedestrians you do consider their safety. Never do anything would scare or annyoe them, try to give them eyes contact or body language to let them know you do respect them and you are friendly. Then they will be peace and won't go to complain to the council.

    If NO complain, the council won't go to find some extra work to keep them busy. So even we should just walk the bike on footpath, it shouldn't be a problem if we slow ride our bike it. :wink:

  13. Hands up if you've ever seen anyone walking a bike along a footpath in the CBD on their way to a parking spot?

    Most riders finding a park either mount the kerb then park their bike, or ride down the footpath at walking speed. The only leg-power involved seems to be final positioning of the bike.

    Where I park (among lots of other bikes) is 5-10m away from a corner, so I ride up onto the footpath (walking speed max, stopping if necessary and giving peds the right of way) and along to the first available space.

    I haven't seen anyone in the CBD riding down footpaths faster than walking speed either, as far as I can recall.
  14. Ever heard of common sense guys?
  15. Unfortunatley it is the idiot factor invovled when people abuse a privelege that we have.
    Whilst channel srufing last thursday I flicked over to the Footy show on 9 and saw a bit of street talk....whilst Sam was abusing someone, a rider in the background got on a bike, rode down the footpath at what seemed to be a very fast pace, up to a corner and then used the horn to warn a pedestrian to move out of his/her way :roll:
    Sam then commented about motorcyclists being idiots and a law unto themselves or something similar....
    Whoever that was, pull your head in....treat footpath parking with respect and we wont lose it....

    rant mode off 8)
  16. Mizz ZZR is correct, common sense must prevail in all situations, I know I would not ride up on a foot path that is packed with people just because I am allowed to. I will just ride a little further and park there instead.
    If we get complaints for things we do who else is there to blaim when they take the priviliges away.
  17. Cool, so it's just common sense and courtesy to other users of the footpath. I do recall someone telling me that you can't ride on the footpath, but it's very difficult pushing 150kg of bike up onto the footpath. So I do ride on the footpath, but only to park and at a walking pace. Like Untame_me, I'm more dangerous pushing the bike than riding.

    Mouth, I agree with you re protecting our rights to park on footpaths. But what can we do to stop others (d*ckheads) from ruining it for us responsible (big statement) riders???

    How do you give feedback (both good and bad) on someone's riding? I know I'ld love to have riders / drivers give me feedback on my riding especially in traffic, cornering and bends etc... check out www.tell-my-mom.com, would a concept like this work for bikers?
  18. Sorry to put the damper on... guys.....good things generally won't last long.....my nightmare would be do-gooders that have nothing better to do than to go to the authorities to lodge a "concern" for public safety...and it probably only take one do-gooder (that do it in the right channel) or take one bad incident, and then local/state/fed govt will jump......and we'll be told not to ride onto Southbank.....or ...what's the solution? Should we (as a group) first gain permission, and lobby for the priviledge?
  19. I'm not 100% up on the legality of riding on footpaths, but when I'm on footpaths parking, I usually have the engine running, but "walk" the bike along with my feet and sometimes idle along in gear if there's nobody around. Certainly not any faster than walking pace.

    Footpath parking in Victoria is a privilege, not a right - and if we abuse it, we'll lose it.

    I think anyone taking off at 25kph on a footpath is going way too fast, and it's that kind of behaviour that would get footpath parking taken away from us.

    On the subject of the feasibility of riding a bike slowly?...

    ...Anybody remember the slow ride on their L's test? :D

    I don't care what you're riding, if you can't motor along at walking pace - hand in your license :p

    JMHO ;)