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Riding on footpaths (warning - rant ahead)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by eve, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Picture this - I'm walking down Collins street Melbourne (Paris end); the street is busy with its normal hustle and bustle as its lunch time
    The sun is attempting to shine, the birds are well too playful (its spring) and…

    I NEARLY GET HIT BY A SCOOTER riding up along the footpath !!!


    You can imagine my surprise when he toots his little b!tch horn at me!

    He would have ridden a good 300 - 400m before parking it - other walkers-on-by jumping out of the way for their lives as he speeds on by.


    I wanna know if I had reason enough to chase him down and beat him with a stick.

    Are you allowed to ride that long along a footpath??

    What is the footpath etiquette?
  2. Scooter riders should be beaten with a stick at the best of times.
  3. Legally we are not allowed to ride along the footpath at all. We are meant to push the bike.
    That being said I personally believe the increased risk of dropping the bike, along with not having BRAKES covered makes pushing the bike a greater risk than riding it (Or at the least sitting on it and pushing along with your feet)
    So my view of the situation is if you are doing something you shouldn’t be, the the protocol is give way to every body and give them less reason to get p!ssed off at you.
  4. I used to park on the footpath at 35 Collins St which is the so called Paris End and I did ride on the footpath. BUT always at slower than walking pace!

    Bloody scooterists :twisted:
  5. Yes, a large pointy stick is required for this genetic mistake of a rider.

    I'm sure someone has a link to what is legally allowed to use footpaths and unless you are a postie, stay off the damn paths. A short trip on a path wouldn't be as bad, but the way you have described this tool, it was not what I'd call a short trip. Plus the beeping and giving people the eye is a bit rude.

    Let down their tyres and give them a good excuse to use the path :twisted:
  6. should have jumped in front of him and sued his sorry ass :twisted:

    Riding along the foot path i think is a NO NO.

    Riding up onto a footpath directly to park is fine aslond as you give way and are aloud to park on that particular foot path.

    and what Mkey said :LOL:
  7. Yep...riding on the footpath is a no-no, especially in the area that you speak of eve..but...having said that, why all the digs at the scooter riders, I work in the area and there are plenty more bikes than scooters and some of the bike riders do it everyday as well.
  8. i feel guilty ridin a couple metres to on the footpath to park let alone that far!
    but was a scooter rider.... need you say more? i guess he was wearing only a helmet and maybe some gloves in terms of protective gear as well??
    they seem not to care about their own safety at the best of times, so did you really expect him to care about others safety :p
  9. I hate pr1cks like this. I'd have had a word with the rider and tell the idiot that that's how to lose the next fight over footpath parking - by alienating pedestrians. Clearing people out of the way with a horn!!! :twisted:

    If you recognise the scooter again put a note on it and tell them as another rider what you think of their stupidity. Also point out thow vulnerable their scooter is if they really p1ss someone off...
  10. Why pick on scooter riders you ask?

    1. He was riding a scooter (dah)
    2. He beeped at me (as if nearly hitting me wasnt rude enough)
    3. He rode a LONG way at fast speed...

    Thats why simon

    What does simon say.
  11. Actually it's only a guideline Jase.

    My old man has been having some slightly massive dramas with his neighbour to the point where the police got involved. Neighbour doesn't like him riding his scooter from his house on the footpath to the nearest driveway so that he can get onto the road. It turns out that you can actually ride on the footpath provided it is to the nearest point of entry to the road.

    I'll dig up the relevant Vicroads info mate.
  12. Eve,

    All I have to say is CLOTHES LINE!

    I would of paid to see that!
  13. :shock:
    and more ...
    technically NO especially not that distance

    You did well to keep your cool eve :wink:
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  15. I realise that he/she was riding a scooter, I was referring to other comments not just yours

    Why tar all scooter riders with the same brush? Thats like saying all bike riders are 1%er's. Scooters are a legit form of transport, get used to it there are going to be alot more of them, there are bad, inconsiderate scooter riders as there are bad inconsiderate bike riders.

    I agree with the other stuff, as I stated in my original post;
    I merely pointed out that bike riders do the same thing...
  16. Simon Simon Simon

    hmmm what would the anology be...

    I guess it would be like sharks - why be scared of being attacked when there are good natured sharks?

    Just because a few of them want to rip you to shreads doesnt make them all evil!

    Once bitten twice shy i guess.

    VCM: I was going to drag him off his seat and slap him sideways.
    pity i've just had my nails done
  17. +1 Simon.

    Eve, next time give the little shit a serve :evil:
  18. When we last talked about parking with the Melbourne City Council - they said that every case of bad behaviour on footpaths concerned couriers or scooters.

    That's why the new parking guidelines coming out soon have lots of pictures of scooters...

    The content is basically the same but it mentions motorcycles and scooters instead of just motorcycles.
  19. He wasnt actually a lil shit...

    He was an older shit - should have known better.
    I shoulda thrown the book at him.
  20. Damn eve.. I'm almost wishin I was the scooter rider now :p