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Riding on a footpath to park [Melb, VIC]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tirian, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hello folks,

    I recently just started riding, and have been on my L's for about 2 months. This morning, a bloke stopped me and challenged me for riding along the footpath outside my office to get to where I am parking. I know it's legal to park on the footpath, but should I be off the bike walking it? Because there is street parking all along the front (it's a busy street) I go up onto the footpath and ride at walking pace for around 20-25 metres passed all the parked cars to get to the space right outside my office building front doors.

    This guy was faily adamant that what I was doing was illegal. Can anyone help clarify the right thing to do?

    (1995 Yamaha VX250)
  2. He is right, according to the letter of the law. But he's probably the only person in town who cares about it. My advice is, if you keep doing it to parking there, he'll probably force the cops to get involved, and then we'll all have a problem.
    Can you walk it, or get there another way?
  3. Yes you are allowed to park on the footpath, no you are not allowed to ride on the footpath, you legaly have to wheel the bike.
    The Irony of this is that you have more control of the bike when you have one foot on either side of it and your hand covering the brake.
    If I am traveling on the footpath I go at walking or slower speed, and whenever there are people close i leave my feet off the pegs so that if I am forced to break sudenly there is no chance of a bike drop.
    I would sugest following similar steps. If this gentleman brings it to your attention, I would sugest you politly explain that stradleing the bike with your hand over the break leaver is in fact a safer way for you to travel on teh vehicle while positioning it where you are legaly allowed.
    he may take that well, he may just be a prick. Aren't human beings wonderfull things :LOL:
  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll try feet off the pegs first see how that goes and then, to keep the peace will dismount and walk it if I have to.

  5. Just get a run up, switch it off as you hit the footpath, then just roll to your parking spot! :LOL:
  6. Now that is an awesome idea!!!

    is the bloke someone you see everyday??
    if not dont stress too much about it
    as long as you are parking sensibly and not riding AT anyone most people dont really care.

  7. I've never seen the bloke before but he looked like he worked in one of the local businesses. I'll try to keep the peace though and kill the engine and wheel it in with my feet.

    Another bloke came out of a shop to ask me whether the bloke had had a go at me for riding on the path then told me not to worry to much.

  8. Just run him over :bolt:
  9. Ridevery slowly...giving way to everybody.
  10. Whip him with your drive chain!
  11. Customers do it in Elizabeth St all the time and the place is packed with peds.
    I do it but not near peeps. If someone is around I wait or park elsewhere.
  12. Well, this morning I cut the engine just as I went up onto the foot path and kept my feet down (obviously) to walk the bike along. No major drama - if there aren't many people about I might keep the engine running and just cruise in slowly. For the record, I had been riding in more slowly than people walk....

  13. That indicates he was just being an Arse and flexing his muscle. odds on unless you are doing exactly what he expects next time he sees you, he will give you greif again, and no amount of logic will help.
    some people are just F#4kwits and there is nothing (legal) you can do about it :LOL:
  14. Having a running bike moving on the footpath is a bit intimidating. Hit the kill switch and walk it. Getting off the bike to walk it doesn't make much sense though, you take up more space and it's much easier to drop it on someone.