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Riding Naked - It's fun till you get caught

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Sep 11, 2011.

  2. wheres your drivers license? hahah.
    why are you naked?
  3. Don't get caught.
    Being sober helps.
  4. LOL. Female cop aswell. Wonder how she was doing trying not to look at his schlong. Not sure why I had it in my mind that riding naked was legal...
  5. i wonder if it was cold that night? wouldnt of done him any favours :p
  6. would have been one hell of a tank slapper....
  7. ^^ haha EWWWW
  8. Maybe he was fed up with "SMIDSY".
  9. Speaking of naked.... :-s

  10. I think I seen this bloke riding around the campground of the MotoGP a couple of years ago...