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Riding my XVS650

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by bigjugs, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Sharing couple of vids using the GoPro Hero3 while riding my XVS650.


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  2. Looks good mate but probably should have been in posted Multimedia?

    Get him Justus........
  3. I was looking at that first vid thinking 'that place looks hella familiar'. Turns out I know exactly where that is.

    Also, you made a huge mistake in that first one... You need to put the LEFT glove on first. Always the left.
  4. probally a 3 day ban ,
    nice vid
    gloves last lol
    open face helmet ' try it
  5. Thanks for all your feedback so far. Will remember to put left glove on first.

    Haven't found the strength to ride with an open face helmet as yet. Maybe that'll change soon.

    Hey kRaZeD, if you know the place and you live close by, feel free to drop in and say hello.
  6. I'm in pakky, so not too far away. My mate used to live just round the corner.
  7. See, told you lol
  8. Sounds like our legal eagle has been eating buggie seed again!!!
  9. Thanks Justus.
  10. lol , hopefully justus has his fix now.
  11. Nice videos, and nice bike! ;)