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Riding my new Ducati this summer

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RAVYN, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. ...Hiya, I have just bought a '14 696 Monster. She's matt black and amazing. Looking forward to those country rides and enjoying the corners. I hadn't owned a bike for, well, far too long. (I rode a '94 SUZUKI Katana 400 in N.Z.)
    Just waiting for the Termi's to be fitted and BAM! I'm flyin' again! o_O

  2. Welcome in RAVYN, that Duc is going to sound sooo sweet with those pipes :playful: We're a friendly bunch, so rock on down for a ride sometime :D
  3. Thanks Ned. I look forward to that camaraderie that comes with being out there riding and meeting good folks.:)
  4. Welcome Ravyn. Did you take the bike for a ride last friday through Moonee Ponds?
  5. Hi there, and thanks.
    No, twasn't me in Moonee Ponds. I haven't ridden the bike yet. It'll be ready to roll in about 2wks, having Termi's fitted.
  6. Welcome to NR...

    Love those Ducati Monsters..
  7. :happy: thanx
  8. Welcome mate, always nice to see more naked italians out on the road!
  9. Excellent, can't go wrong with a Termi'd twin.

    How do you take your coffee?
  10. There a great bike,but for a middle weight naked there ergonomics is still pretty sporty.
    A mates wife has one and it took an expensive Ducati kit called City Bars for her to be comfy.Higher bars with more pull back ,both switch blocks with longer wiring and longer braided clutch and brake lines included.We couldn't find any other bars that would fit the tank shape and long enough to hold the switch's and Masters.Hope your taller than 5ft 2 or so.
  11. Well said! :sneaky:
    Cheers, chillibutton.
  12. Hi, thanks for that Zim. I'm 1.67m, so hopefully should be sweet.
  13. Hi RAVYN.

    I wish you very much joy of your new bike.

    The 696 that I rode was a lovely beastie in the country, but got very hot in city traffic.

    Hopefully, Ducati may have improved things in the later versions.

    Swapping to Termis may well help, as I believe the catalytic converters were in the front part of the mufflers.
  14. I won't be doing any commuting, and will probably try and avoid the city (busy times anyways). The plan is to go for blats out of town on the weekends mostly, like ride 100k's for a lime milkshake and then home again. :D
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  15. ...Thanks for the well wishes crazycam.
  16. Hi ravyn and congrats on a new italiano bella ducati.

    My friend had a monster ducati 659 and I love the sound and the looks.

    Enjoy it
  17. I make my own stove-top espresso. Macchiato style; really strong with a lick of milk.
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  18. Wear some decent boots, the pegs are low on those things.
  19. Yes, sure thing. I have just bought DAINESE jacket, pants and gloves, and SHOEI helmet. Still trying to find the right fit in boots though.
  20. THANKS (y)