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VIC Riding Motorcycles on Footpaths

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dougz, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. #1 Dougz, Sep 16, 2008
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    After reading over the thread regarding the psycho scooter rider in the city (Melbourne) today I was reminded of a situation that occurred at my Dad's place recently. He has a psycho neighbour who takes photos of, and abuses him with his scooter (Dad's one of the sane scooter riders - he actually rides it, not commutes-just wanted to clarify that :wink: ) all the bloody time. His latest verbal bashing to the Old Man was about him riding his scooter from his (Dad's) front gate to the nearest driveway and onto the road. Dad lives in an old style cottage with no driveway, just a gate that fronts straight onto the footpath. He parks his scooter behind the gate.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short we got the Police involved (don't ask there is other shit as well - this is just a small part) and they investigated :shock: the matter and have decided that my Dad is allowed to legally ride his scooter on the footpath provided he does so from and to the nearest exit/entry point of the road. They determined this after looking through the Document 'Road Rules - Victoria' which is here:


    This is what swayed the situation to us;
    PART 18 section 288:
    So in saying that, here is the definition of Rule 13 from the same document:

    *edit* - addition:

    Now by my reckoning, this entitles all of us Victorians to ride onto the footpath to park our motorcycles provided we do so via the nearest practicible entry/exit point. Am I right?

  2. Re: Riding Motorcycles on Footpaths - Some clarification:

    Yes. It's worth showing some consideration for pedestrians though, for reasons Tony pointed out. Your dad's neighbour can go to buggery.
  3. I just mount the kerb where practicable.
    I don't see the point of scaring the bejezus out of a poor old bugger with my big yellow throbber.
  4. Re: Riding Motorcycles on Footpaths - Some clarification:

    Yeah, take his keys and ride off with them. :twisted: :LOL:
  5. Its a bit of a paper chase but I think you are right Dougz.

    The dictionary attached to the road rules has two other supporting statements:

    So to me that means the requirement that you get off your bike and push it is crapola. And a good thing, As Loz says though it doesn't absolve you of being disrespectful to other footpath users.

    And seeing as though the purpose of riding on footpaths is to park we probably should state the following with reference to Rule 197 1 b.

  6. If you PM me your Dad's addy, I'll lead a Thu MR ride one nite :grin:

    On topic: As more cagers turn to two wheels as a stop gap solution, without embracing the motorcycling culture and etiquette, problems such as these will continue to increase.
    Just because you ride a motorcycle doesn't mean you're a motorcycle rider.

    The thing i love about parking on the footpath is the kids can get close and have a good look.
    If i see one, and the parent holding their hand isn't a complete tool, i'll offer the squid a chance to have a sit and maybe a rev or two.
    Helps bridge the gap, and the reaction from the kids is priceless.
    Be a shame to lose the privileges we're given.
  7. Dougz, Don't forget Section 4:

    (4) A driver on a path (except the rider of a bicycle, or a driver driving on the path
    to enter a road from a road related area or adjacent land, or to enter a road
    related area or adjacent land from a road) must give way to all other road
    users, and to animals, on the path
    Penalty: 3 penalty units.
  8. I've chased this up and after speaking to a couple of people I don't believe that any normal cop or by-laws officer will even think about booking you for carefully riding a couple of metres on the footpath to get to a parking position.

    The MCC by-laws officer I spoke to said he'd give someone a warning if he saw them doing that**. He'd book them if they did it again but he also said on the couple of occasions he's spoken to people it's just been ignorance and they have behaved after that.

    I'll follow up but I think that interpretation is almost certainly correct.

    **ride inappropriately on the footpath
  9. +1 on this, when i first moved here and went to friday coffee night, friggin blew me away you had bikes parked on pavement let alone riding on 'em. This thread totally crystal for me now, thanks again for posting the regulations ;)
  11. i was just thinking...i wonder if that excuse will work on the AR :D
  12. Didn't forget, just thought it was a no-brainer ;)

    Tell me about it. While it was relatively easy to locate the first part, it took me a while to find the actual Rule 13 :roll:

    No probs my friend ;) Just glad to be able to contribute something for everyone, AND it was made a sticky :dance:

    And Cheffa - pm sent bro :twisted:
  13. Stay tuned, if it's on Doug will give you a heads up. :grin:

    We could post a lookout. After the lights have gone out, and he's had a little time to snuggle in....it's AR time :grin:
  14. Dougz, there are some conditions listed.

    It's been too long since I had to interpret legislation so I can't remember if the way you have it set out, the conditions (i) to (v) apply only to sub-section 2(c) or to all of 2(a) through 2(c). I looked at your link to the original and the way that is laid out I think they only apply to 2(c). But if this isn't the case, it would mean your bike has to be 110 cc or less.

    Good find. But let's not overlook the real issue here....Party at Peanuts!!!!! :LOL:
  15. I already looked at that Dave and those extra bits [after subsection (c) i, ii etc] only apply if you are riding on path ie: like postie bikes do. Meaning that you can ride on the footpath if your bike is under 110cc and obey the sub-clauses.

    The reference to Part 197 exempts motorcyclists that are parking their bikes.
  16. Thanks Dougz. I suspected t'was thus but thought I'd beter check.

    But stop geting off topic. When's the party.
  17. please read this carefully, and see if you come to the same conclusion as i have.

    the fact a motorbike (which is a driver as stated in the dictionary) is riding on the footpath to park their bike, coming from a road onto a road related area, or from being parked in a road related area riding onto the road, means we do NOT have to give way.

    so f*ck the wanker in the OP's post :grin:

    but still, i always give way.
    jsut a technical curiousity here.
    god i love the road rules, and all their interpretations, theres some pretty interesting things hiding in there :)
  18. Don't try and park your motorcycle on the footpath on Melbourne Airport land.

    Does anyone want to have a guess as to why it is a no no at Melbourne Airport? :?:
  19. No one?

    Ok, its because the Victorian Road Rules do not apply, the Australian Road Rules do as it is Federal Land.
  20. Except that if you get a ticket it quotes the Vic Road Rules. Glen Roberts fought this and won. I've also had a ticket withdrawn a few years ago after I went to a conference and parked outside the airport Hilton.

    They now have free motorcycle parking in the car park anyway. (You just ride around the barriers quite legally)