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Riding Melb to Syd in 2 days. Which route?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by blackjacket, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll be riding my new bike up from Melb tomorrow, but haven't got a route planned. Rather not spend all my time on the Hume Highway.

    Anyone know any good detours I can take? I'm looking for some fun roads and nice scenery. Also, can anyone recommend a good place to stay on Sat night?


  2. You don't say how much time you have but here's a quick possibility.

    The Whitfield rd in Victoria has to be done and the Granya pass. Its a rule for all motorcyclists :)
  3. How ambitious do you want to be..?

    I'll also be doing a 2-dayer to Syd in a few weeks time - I'm looking to do this route.

    1st day is a long day in the saddle, overnight at Jindabyne then on from there via the coast. Some great roads in there, as I'm sure most here will attest to.

    Tough 2 days, but sure beats flatspotting the tires up the Hume.
  4. Yes definitely attest to that, one warning though the road from Corryong to Jindabyne should be experienced on a week day if possible. Weekends it gets heavy tourist traffic. I have experienced it on a Monday morning and been the only one on the road, BLISS. But also on a Saturday afternoon and it is four wheel drive tourist HELL.

    If you don't have any option but the weekend try and hit that section in the morning before 10:00
  5. Actually I like this route better! Especially coming into Sydney from the west - that would prob sure beat the Princes hwy along the coast, full of towns and crawling traffic.

    I might try a combination of mine and yours!
  6. I've done the coast between Nowra and Sydney enough times so I'm going to give that a miss. Looks like I might be avoiding beaches altogether and do the inland route. Enough of them around Sydney anyways.
  7. Straight up the hume to Glenrowan, turn off there and go through Oxley, Porepunkah, Bright, up Tawonga Gap road and around Mt Beauty. In the afternoon do the alpine highway and stay at Jindabyne.

    From Jindabyne through to Canberra, then up the hume and go to the 'gong before taking the nasho up to Sydney.
  8. nah go do mansfield whitfield - beachworth then corryong etc.

    That far on the hume is as near a death sentence as one can get. Horrible, boring run
  9. Avoid the Hume like a plague. When i picked up my 929 from Syd i had no choice i was in a hurry to get back home cos of a late sat afternoon start.

    Good place to stay is in Gundagai Garden Motor inn, very nice owner and very helpful. He offered me his car to go out and get some food cos the restaurant was closed.

    Anyway have a good ride, and if your not enjoying it its time for a break.

    Have fun
  10. 27th February 2009

    Maybe next year???

  11. Opps Missed the tomorrow part lol

  12. 'Tis all good fun, mate, the rofl was not mocking you, I can assure you :).
  13. +1 to avoiding the Hume if you can. Rode to Canberra yesterday, and as I needed to get their early afternoon, had little choice but taking the quickest line. The amount of roadworks along the way was unbelievable but helped break the monotony of the ride.

    And yes, I realise that this is too late for the OP.
  14. I picked up my bike in Launceston. Rode to Davenport got the ferry and then Melbourne Sydney on the Hume highway.

    I went up the highway because I had not ridden a tourer for longer than most people have been alive. I was just being extra cautious and did not want to make a mistake on a new bike.

    I did find my cornering technique was crappy and I have since been riding around Sydney improving it.

    Anyway that was just an old fart like me being careful on a new bike.

    If you are an experienced rider - yeah it was all a bit flat and straight at times on the Hume. I was lucky because it was a long weekend in Vic and the traffic was light. Made good time.