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Riding Locations Around Eastern Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tanoz, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I purchased my bike about two months back and generally use it as a commuter. Its a 2013 fz6r but I've found no where fun to ride that is local really.

    I've been down to la perouse, up around bondi and watsons bay but where else is close?
    Every now and then I do goto visit a friend up around North Ryde but thats pretty much a straight rode....

    So any opinions ? Only a Learner who is clueless as what area he in so some simple places would be nice. I live down in Kingsford but don't mind a 15-20min ride somewhere fun

  2. That's pretty much it mate. Do the run from La Pa to Watsons bay via the beaches. I live near you, but always get out of the area for a good ride.
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  3. Funnily enough I find new south head road is one of the funnest in city roads you get. The closest decent road would probably be McCarrs creek road up at Pittwater.
  4. NSH is my ride into work in the city #ToughLife ;)
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  6. When I upgraded, I took a few evening spins out and back to Kurnell to introduce myself to the bike.
    It's more sweeping than twisty but good vis to stretch the legs.
  7. And Facebook, Instagram, etc... just to be pedantic but is a valid point you make. Either way, was agreeing that New South Head Rd is a fun ride for me as a beginner.
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  8. I did this road on Monday.... Just a cruise through the area...was good

    Another road would be down to Woolongong via Seacliffe bridge and the RNP.
  9. Few areas a bit to far and unfamiliar to me atm but I'll def around to checking them out. When uni starts back too I'll def have more time on my hands so I'll get some more riding under my belt. Cheers for the tips guys.

    And yeh riding around bondi is lots of fun, providing there isn't traffic. Lots of twisty roads but their roads could do with some maintenance