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riding/licence instructor, what qualifications?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, May 17, 2007.

  1. I have searched google without much glory :(

    What qualifications does one need to become a trainer for say HART or Stay upright etc?

    Certificate III in Road Transport (Motor Vehicle Instruction) was the only one I found close, but can't even find where to obtain this certificate?

    Any instructors out there in Netriderland?
  2. Vicroads website tells you how to become a qualified trainer bud.
    I've seen this topic brought up before here somewhere.
  3. I must be going blind coz I couldn't find anything on there, and I did a search here and got 11,000+ matches :roll:

    Back to Vicroads website then!
  4. I cant find the Vicroads webpage as well. :LOL:

    & I've posted the link on this site before..

  5. Well at least I am not going blind..............
  6. I dont know all the quals etc but upon speaking with an SU Instructor about the topic a while ago was advised that part of the criteria was to complete the Advanced Course as well as resitting the Licence test with not scoring above 20 penalty points in total, as part of the Instructors testing requirements.

    Maybe phone either place & ask if the net isnt answering ?
  7. :grin: Triway.

    I couldnt find any info either after looking for a few mins.
  8. There were a few HART jobs advertised recently. They said some sort of workplace training certificate was an advantage, but as far as I know the only job requirement was a full license and I assumed they'd teach you the rest on the job. I was considering it for a bit, but figured I'd get sick of having to be sensible all day.
  9. Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment is very useful (available all TAFEs and many private providers)

    For information on what's available you can go to the National Training Information database and search for accredited courses.