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Riding leathers "For Serious Riders Only"

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by quietman, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Do they come with the bird?
  3. SOLD

    I often need rapid access to my right biceps muscle.
  4. Im afraid its to the tricep, so maybe re-think your decision to buy?
  5. Even taking part in Movember, he can still pull the birds. I have to get me some of those leathers!
  6. ..he looks horribly like 'The Hoff"... note that he has to tie said bird to himself to stop it fleeing!!
  7. Wasn't that guy in Police academy?

    And we wonder why the Mo went out of fashion in the late 70s
  8. also you have to wonder at "Available at better dealers worldwide"

    So if I am in a dealership they can't have it as it is only available at a better dealer.

    If they did a black hole would instantly open up and instantly swallow mo man and his shovel
  9. I bet that guy was wearing one of these under that jacket.
  10. "For serious riders only" (american voice over)

    Also available in red for Michael Jackson Impersonators:

  11. "Eagle sold separately"
  12. I'm sure they appeal to a certain <ahem> sector of the riding community :LOL:.
  13. Do they come in hetero?