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Riding Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by justified, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    Which pair of jeans would be a better buy between Shift, Draggins or Hornee?

    I think the Shift jeans look the best. However, I did notice the kevlar sections were thicker in the Draggin jeans.

    I'm just wondering how much protection the Shift jeans would offer with such a thin kevlar layer.

  2. I had a pair of black cargo (cotton ones, not the denim)draggin pants.i wasnt that impressed with them. they faded quickly and seemed to rip easily. I have a pair of the shift jeans now. I cant comment on the kevlar or safety level of either though, but your right, the kevlar is thicker in the draggins.
  3. theres also more kevlar in the draggins and hornees

    i remember a thread on here a few months ago where someone had an off with shift jeans and they just tore up like regular jeans

    have you considered icon jeans? they're similar to shift (lower protection, better looks)
  4. Hey justified,

    I just got a pair of Icon Anthem jeans and they feel and look great.

    RRP $199 :wink:
  5. The general opinion out there is that the Draggin offer the best protection, but unfortunately they're not the most fashionable of the lot ...
  6. well being a bit of an impulse purchaser i have in the last weeks purchased

    Draggin Jeans, Shift Lodown jeans, Icon Recon jeans, Icon Anthem Jeans(not here yet) and a pair of Sliders Kevlar Jeans....

    Ill prolly do a quick write up once ive got them all but as a quick suggestion(actually this turned into a bit more than a quick suggestion ;) )

    Draggin Jeans...obviously the most well known, solid, heavy and plenty of kevlar bits on the inside....buy a size up as they tend to be off(im a 36 yet got a 38)
    Shift Lodown jeans...more like normal jeans bar the elastic black bits on back and crotch area...cooler(temp wise) than the draggins, well put together but less kevlar bits... its in the same place but its a blend of kevlar, cordura and something else...im pretty confident it would still give pretty good 'slide' protection but maybe not as much as the draggins. Got a size down, ie im a 36 yet got a 34...
    Icon Recon...now these are a bit different...not as much protection as its only in the knees, and they have a large strip of breathable stretchable black elastic stuff between knees upwards which does make them alot 'temp' cooler, so i guess these will end up being my summer ones ;), not as much protection but still better than nothing , close to sizing, 36's are 'tight'
    Icon Anthem, still waiting on these but ive tried them on locally, these look the best imho as everywhere jeans, and seem to have solid protection from memory
    Sliders Kevlar Jeans....these were the shock of the lot...ebay purchase and blow me down if they are not simply a draggin copy...it feels the same and its in the same place, and its the same kevlar, even has the dupont kevlar label attached to the jeans when they arrived....$140 new v's the close to $200, obviously not the same selection(blue or black only) but im impressed, and they were spot on for size(the most comfy of the lot i have so far to be honest)

    Oh well, that should be comprehensive enough...my only other suggestion would be EBAY...all but the lowdowns came from ebay and i saved a fair amount..
    draggins $150(normally $200), icon recons $76(local place wanted $175), icon anthems $120(local place wanted $190), sliders $140

    Thanks for reading
  7. Also have a pair of brand new Icon Recon jeans - quality's good but too small for me see for sale forum :)
  8. Anyway, went out today in search for a pair of riding jeans.

    After trying on various jeans ranging from Hornee, to shift, to icon to draggins, I ended up going for a pair of Draggins.

    They just feel sturdier with the thicker kevlar lining.

    I even managed to find a pair I thought looks pretty good!


    They're usually $279 but I managed to pick it up for $190!

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  10. I can say that Draggins are good because in my off on monday they haven't even been marked.
    I could wish I'd been wearing some padding, kevlar doesn't stop bruising.
  11. shift lodowns can be had on ebay for $96USD delivered to australia

    i think RRP at a shop is $150, if you can get a discount you might be able to get it to $130... with exchange rate ebay is prolly around $110

    the difference is negligible but yeah, its an option.

    i bought icon anthems off ebay (hasn't arrived yet) because i'm a firm believer that if i don't like the looks ill never wear it.. the icons were the only ones i liked apart from the shift lodowns which i might still get a pair of later on pending a few more reviews

    gotta be honest though that guy in the draggin v shift thread who tore his knee up wearing a pair of shift jeans didn't really inspire much confidence in the brand.
  12. beware the kevlar burn too.
  13. Mountaineer said :

    "I can say that Draggins are good because in my off on monday they haven't even been marked.
    I could wish I'd been wearing some padding, kevlar doesn't stop bruising."

    Anyone had experience with the armour Draggins sells - is it just held in place with velcro?
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  15. Come to Melbourne and buy them from Draggin themselves. Be sure to ask for Fiona when you get their shop :drool:
  16. i bought icon anthems off ebay

    Me too they are great bit long but thats cause im so fvcken short. :LOL:
  17. Hey guys,
    I was just wondering, do any of these "bike jeans" not have a big fat hard seam down the centre of the inner leg?? It's just that i've noticed that with the jeans i have been wearing while riding, is that the seam tends to sort of scuff the tank where i grip it with my thighs, and puts marks on the paint.