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Riding jeans anyone worn out clubbing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bex84, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just a funny one, we finaly have some good weather in sydney so im putting on my Hornee jeans to get out there for a spin and i was thinking thses things look better than my dark going out jeans lol...
    Was thinking i might even wear these out tonight!
    Has or does anyone wear there kevlar riding jeans out clubbing??
    I dont know if the kevlar would get to me after a while of dancing and what not...

  2. Have Hornee jeans...yep I wear them out all the time.I reckon they look 'dope' as the kids say, plus it means I don't have to get changed. (though I wouldn't say I go 'clubbing' all that much..'pubbing' or 'gigging' or 'pooling' may be a better description)
  3. I wear my draggins out at every opportunity :wink:
  4. How do you wear out Draggins at a club? Breakdancing?
    Wonder if they protect you from other rashes apart from road rash?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. i dont usually, because they cost $220 ...and i'd rather get beer spilt on my $30 just jeans than my hornee's. even though the hornees look way better

    however having just said that i did wear them out to a pub last night :cool:
  6. :rofl:
    They Must !! :shock:
    I haven't had one of those rashes yet :LOL:
  7. I have rock n rolled at the local RSL in me leathers n boots. thats what i love about riding. you never know where your gonna end up :grin:
  8. Well i ended up wearing the Hornee's out last night... Man they were so comfortable and looked way better than my other jeans, i also think the extra layer of kevlar inside kept me a bit warmer. Might have to go out and get me another pair of these haha
  9. Great topic....I was going to wear mine out the other week but I have the Icon Anthems with all the funky patches but the missus just told me to "relax".......next time hehe :p
  10. I wear my Draggins everywhere, don't actually own a pair of normal jeans. :)
  11. Did the jeans help the OP get laid though, that's what I wanna know. :wink:
  12. The draggins are so good for going out, if you are hitting up the bbq's and house parties in winter. Granted i have only had mine for a month or so i have worn them out to a few mates places when i know we are sitting outside all night, i must have been the only one not shivering, the kevlar does wonders in warmth, Mine are black though, so i think another pair in a lighter colour might be a good investment when the warmer months roll around :D
  13. They only cost $198 in my shop :grin:

    I wear mine out clubbing all the time, the kevlar in Hornee's is not mixed with as much cotton as draggin's seem to be, probably not quite as warm as Draggin's in winter but much better for Summer & dancing in.
  14. Yes but its your flame wrist bands that really make the outfit though :LOL:


  15. ^ :LOL:

    Once again Ian, you just made me do a bit of wee! :LOL: