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Riding Jacket for Summer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Parso, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I am looking for my first riding jacket and would appreciate some advice. Im a big guy and need min 6xl (have tried on Dryrider and that's the size). Summer is coming up so I need something cool necause I sweat up at the drop of a hat. Im riding a V-Strom 650 so Adv Tou style?

  2. Hi Parso, welcome.
    Most textile jackets have a removable inner lining that make them cool enough for summer use.
    Being larger than most I'd recommend visiting a few Aldi stores and see if they have leftover Textile Jackets.
    They will have sold out of all the regular sizes and I'd expect the only ones still hanging around are the xxl sizes.
    Have a look at the Aldi gear thread to see the write ups. Good cheap 1st jacket if you can find one.

    Also, have a look at some of the members sale threads. There's a size 60 jacket going cheap from memory.
  3. Thanks Stever42, Iv looked at Aldi and xs is whats left. Thanks for reply.
  4. Try Bikers Gear - they have mesh jackets which are quite cool
  5. I am looking for hi vis jacket for the summer, somebody knows where I can find it?
  6. Thanks man! I need to wear it while I do have the learner permit!
  7. 8-|8-|
    It would be a foolish copper to try to enforce the VicRoads requirements on this, but are you aware that the MGLS requires a fluoro vest with one of a specified Australian Standard approval?

    Stupid, eh?

    Back to the OP, Tiger Angel do an excellent summer mesh jacket if you want to spend a bit of dosh. Fluoro or dark blue, I have used mine for a few years including riding in the top end: armour in all the right places and made to measure. Currently riding in 35C in central NSW with it and Draggin jeans for comfort and protection :cool:
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  9. That sounds good! Do you have theirs web site?
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  11. If you got your learners before oct 1st you don't need fluro vest
  12. I just have the learner permit, I will have my learner license in November
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  15. What state are you in? Here in Vic we have learner permit and then P plates after.
  16. Unless if I missed something...
  17. Probably I missed something,o as far I understood I should wear it, I got my learner permit in August and I will do another course in November. I don't know which plate I should show after, so far I do have a L and I think I Will ride LAMS for more three year or so
  18. Ixon sismic jackets are great. 2 removable liners. Very warm in winter and cool in summer. Love mine
  19. Anybody bought anything from Revzilla? are they good? how long take to delivery the goods? I am skeptical about online shopping since I had bad experiences in the past.