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Riding issues - changing from a cruiser to a VTR250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I'm wondering if anyone else here has gone from learning how to ride on a cruiser (in my case an XV250) and then switching bikes to something like a VTR.

    I'd love to hear your experience. I've found that I'm leaning the VTR whilst keeping myself upright - or if I am leaning myself, I'm kinda leaning in the opposite direction....hmm.

    Did you have any issues with the change? If so, how did you overcome them? (I'm assuming you did overcome them! ;) )

    I absolutely love this bike but I'm just not feeling right with it - not feeling 'at one' with it, like I was with the virago. More kays may help, but not if I keep doing the wrong thing! I've got enough bad habits as it is!

    And also, if any experienced riders have a free day coming up, and wouldn't mind spending some time with me at the Black Spur to give me some feedback and tips, I'd love to hear from you. I'm heading up there wtih a mentor in a few wks time, but until then I figure I may as well get started learning.

    Hope to hear from others who've been in this 'predicament'. :)
  2. hey rosie

    as you look into the corner, put shoulder into it, it will lean you in the direction you want to go, as well as automatically starting to counter steer

    so if you were making a nice lefty, turn your head where you want to go, and start leaning across with the left shoulder, as you do this it will put force on the left bar and it will tip in, remember to relax the outside arm when doing it
  3. I went from zzr to cbr on the weekend , thats pretty much going from cruiser to sports :LOL:

    Found that it was a very easy transition as sportier bikes just feel better at speed, more natural, since they're built for it. Was only a loan though so didn't go very fast.. :cool:

    Does sound like as you said, would benefit from someone following to give some tips.
  4. Try not to tip in to early too. If you're early you'll be waiting for it all to happen and just hanging there is not a good feeling.
  5. Carpark session!
  6. Hi Rosie,

    Last night, when you turned off to the Island, I saw you sitting right back in your seat. Not sure if it was because of the long ride we had, but if not, maybe you should try to sit closer to your tank. That will give you better balance and more arm movement when cornering.

    Just an observation.

    Have you heard re the job yet?

    Good luck, :)

  7. Definitely a habit you need to break.....especially with Winter & wet roads just around the corner. With wet & slippery roads, the more upright you can keep the bike while cornering, the better....
  8. Hi Rosie,

    I am always nervous about giving people advice, I'd hate for anything to happen and go wrong. But I am happy to go up and down with you some time this week. Friday looks like the best day, though it might still be wet at the top end of the Spur if we get the forecast showers.
  9. Hi,
    I havent really got anything else to go by, as i just picked up my first bike last weekend (VTR250 also) but im finding it a dream to ride. Corners are my new friend :grin:
    Good luck tho, these VTR's get a great rap

  10. Now do you realise . . . .
    And you and Caz reckon I had issues riding your Virago ! :p
    bah . . . rides a Virago like I have a vegetable up my . . (ooops, public forum) . . :LOL:

    You'll be surprised how much you can lean the VTR !
    Try shifting your ass off the seat sideways towards the way your turning, and lean in with your shoulder ! ;)
  11. Hey Micky, you need an ass to do this! She don't got none!! :grin:
  12. ...not since the divorce anyway

  13. i've found my self turning in too early and making the corners too easly at a cumfortable speed but i'm still a little untrusting of bike .... think there is a problem with the suspention cause when i up the pace it feels a little twichy :? same as when i'm paying $1.20 :wink:
  14. This could be low tyre pressures. Unless the suspension was really soft and spongy I'd up the pressure. Any idea whats in them now?
  15. Hmm..how would Pooh reply to that?

    And Pooh stood with his back to the mirror on the wall in his bathroom, and he turned his head around and looked at his reflection and especially the round, somewhat pale thing that was at the very top of his legs and the very bottom of his back.

    "I do have an ass," Pooh said. "I do and it's right there".


    crosses Jens off Xmas card list ;) :p


    Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions everyone etc.

    Cejay - I'd definitely like to do this. Friday is good for me... I'll send you a pm.

    2921 - I hear ya...one of the things I'd like to discuss wtih cejay and the mentor is my posture on the bike.

    Billsabiker - definitely a habit I will break.

    Loz - are you saying I should practice in a carpark? Not a bad idea.

    2wheels - ta. Will keep in mind.

    qbn - thanks...already started doing this.
  16. "Yeah, Pooh knows it's there when looking, but is it still there when your head is not turned?" He says...!?!

    "Only one thing to do,... ask Eeyore as he surely must know what an ass is supposed to be like, since he is one!" Thinks Pooh!
  17. Blodders: Shouldn't be twitchy when you are only paying $1.20. Low tyre pressure would make steering imprecise, and handling a bit sponging, although grip would improve as the tyres would get warmer. Is the front headstem tight, or does it have free play? Has the front suspension been lowered? (Lifted in clamps?)

    You should have asked in Apollo Bay. I could have had a look.

    Rosie: As Falcon-Lord and I said in the pub. Elbow down on the inside of the corner will move your shoulder, and weight, off the side of the bike. At the same time it will stop you leaning to the outside of the corner. This is easier to do consciously than leaning your weight over to one side, so it is a good way to start teach yourself to do it, and practise. Elbow down shouldn't start the Counter Steer unless you want it to, but will make it easier when you want to start the Counter Steer. In practise, I push my elbow down and start to counter steer at the same time, but I don't have to.

    It's probably too early to be practising getting your butt off the bike, as you haven't got the first step done yet. Use your elbow, and when you have learned that, then start moving your butt off the side. (Notes Jens is off the X-mas card list, so no more comment on butts, or lack of them. :grin: )

    If you are on the Black Spur, and want to do some car park practise figure eights or tight circles with knee down, at speed, there is a great car park up Lake Mountain, on the right a few hundred metres before the cafe at the top. Called snow/ice carpark or something. Signposted. It is quite large, will be empty, was clean when I have used it, has a very grippy surface (but the stones are sharp, so don't fall of), and has the added advantage of a run up and down Lake Mountain before and after the practise. Couldn't be better suited. :grin:
  18. First step.... growing one?

    Just asking! :-w
  19. The VTR250 should be easier to ride that he Virago shouldn't it? Maybe your still adjusting and need to get used to the new riding position?
  20. car park session definitely a good idea.
    learning to handle your new bike at low speed will definitely help with getting used to the seating position and posture and such.

    cornering on the other hand well... not too many places as nice as the spur.

    I'm free next week if weather is poor on Friday.