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Riding is like Surfing...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. ...or at least there are a lot of parallels. (Discuss)

    For e.g.
    We have our favourite roads we ride - surf beaches.
    Some prefer left handers or right handers.
    Noobs have beginners roads - Gromits have beginners beaches. They both should have mentors and lessons to start them off.
    Cruisers are like Malibus, Sportbikes are like guns.
    Some riders have multiple bikes for different situations. Surfers have Quivers of multiple boards for the same reason.
    We have road racers who are marginalised by the rest of the community, they have big wave surfers who are considered loopy.
    A road is a horizontal wave.

  2. One gets you to a destination whilest the other gets you to pretty much the same place in the end :LOL:
  3. "Damnit why do i always end up at the beach!"
  4. Checking the weather before a ride - checking surf conditions before a surf

    Always seeing if your lunch brake is long enough to sneak away for a ride/surf

    Have our own lingo like surfers have theres.

    Have plenty of stories about dicks merging into us on the road - plenty of stories of dicks dropping in on there waves
  5. Wipeouts in both sports have left me in considerable pain. :(

    Regardless, I can't seem to stop doing either. :? I love them both and the danger is kinda part of the fun. :grin:
  6. when you fall off you're all washed up and wanna go home...
  7. It seems in both people have had their head knocked about too often. With motorcyclists, it shows the need for helmets to stop further damage. With sufers, you can just hear them talk to see the head damage :wink:
  8. Or giggling like an idiot as you paddle back out or rip off what's left of the broken front mud gaurd so you can get back to it. :LOL:

    You've got one good story for the pub, who's to say you won't get more. :grin:
  9. Dude, it's not head impacts that cause surfers to speak that way..........
    Think green...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. It was me logged in with my housemates computer, damn his login being so similar to mine! Oxycontin muddled brain doesn't see this difference all the time!

    Anyway, I guess you missed the wink at the end of my post. It's there for a reason :grin:

    *Edit* And I think you mean brain damage from smokin' the 'erb? Heh, as I state, at least I can blame my oxycontin muddled brain for my "episodes" where I miss some things. At least I something tangible I can blame, unlike most people *grin*
  11. They both get stung, one by plod, the other by bluebottles
  12. Excellent work guys! keep it up.

    And the sharks are like four wheel drives, don't want one of them to bite ya.

  13. The thrill and risk is there in both sports - and so too are the crowds - it's as popular as scooter riding :p Weekday and/or early morning riding and surfing is so much more enjoyable. Or head up and down the coast for your favourite less crowded surf spot or road.

    Are scooters viewed upon like Wave Skis??
  14. Many 'normal' people want to tell both groups to "grow up and go and get a job you bum!"
  15. Skiffle boards dude, they're for the shallow end. :LOL:

  16. Of course :LOL:

    So Trikes gotta be Wave Skis
  17. And body boards would be viewed somewhat like a BMX. :LOL:

    A pink bmx with a basket and tassles, but not quite as cool. :wink:
  18. Both surfing and motorcycling are sports both great for doing solo, you can have 2 people on the same bike or board but it "just isn't the same" :)

    Both things can be looked upon (from people in the know :cool:) as life long pursuits. Takes a little bit to learn the basics, bit more to get good at it and a life time of "chasing the ultimate run" and even if you do, you just want to do it again (next time) or immediately after :grin:

    Both sports can make the participants look "cool" doing it and outsiders look on in awe at the people riding or surfing thinking "Wish I could do that but I'm too scared to start!"

    Both require "guts" to do them and not for the faint hearted :grin:

    How to combine both?

  19. Well, I cant surf.
  20. You get set to cut across a curl/curve and some asshat rossi/oki wannabe drops in on you.

    The sets are coming in , the weather is fine , and the roads are crystal clear when over the sms comes the sharks/roadblocks warning and you have to settle for another coffee....

    So many riders are so wasted after a day of riding the waves/bitumen , they are good for nothing at night....