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Riding Interstate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Disco_Dave, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    A work opportunity has come up for a few months in Queensland and I currently live in Victoria.
    I am thinking of riding my bike up there so i can explore the QLD roads while I am working there. Does anyone know if there are any issue from a registration point of view (or anything else) with regards to having a VIC registered vehicle on the roads in QLD?

    Insurance seem to be OK with it but I just wanted to know if there are any other things i should be considering or if anyone has done anything similar?

  2. It's all good !

    If you're on provisional or learners you may need to check which rules apply (if they're different in Qld) but other than that. Go crazy !

    Some great roads between here and Qld.

    Buy a Hema motorcycle atlas and tick off all the top roads on your way.
  3. Providing you aren't there for more than 3 months there isn't a problem. Oh and yes as stu_h said if you are on L's or P's there may be some differences in what you can and can't do.

    Oh, and don't park on the footpath in QLD, the cops don't like it very much.
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  4. Where abouts is your work mate? Good bike roads around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The rest is flat, straight, boring, and all are full of QLD drivers.
  5. Thanks guys.
    Work is in brisbane.
    What is the issue with being there for more than 3 months?

    Does anyone have any tips on which roads i should check out?
  6. Don't forget cairns and surrounds mr messy :)

    The issue is that if you relocate for a long period of time you MAY be expected to change your licence and registration addresses.

    But if it is only temp u should be fine. Check with vicroads on specifics.

    Seriously. Buy yourself a Hema motorcycle atlas


    Loads of awesome roads listed !!

    Off the top of my head
    My glorious
    Tambourine mtns?

    Near Sunshine Coast-
    mapleton Roads
    Tabletop mtns

    Capt cook highway
    Atherton rd
    Gillies rd ?
  7. If you are on restrictions the rules from your home state apply to you. The qld laws (for restrictions) dont apply
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  8. Depending on current laws, but I remember from my RAAF days and I'm led to believe from my son in the ARA that after 3 months you are considered a 'resident' of the state and as such you are required to change your license and rego over to the new state.

    I do know of some ADF members who had difficulty with insurance (CTP) after they'd been in a location for more than 6 months and had an accident.

    Be careful with that advice. If you are a learner then it's different.
  9. Yes, by law you must change your licence over within 3 months. If not, then you're considered to be unlicenced and can be charged as such even though the Vic licence is still current. Same with the car/bike rego, it would be unregistered after 3 months.
  10. I know at one stage they allowed ADF members to keep the rego and license from interstate until it was due to be renewed. Hell, it changes so often that it's hard to keep track.
  11. Thanks for the info everyone.
    I will be there for just under 3 months.
    I guess if i need to stay longer I will get in touch with Vicroads to work out the details.
    I am not on any restrictions so that should be all fine and I do have the motorcycle atlas, I have pretty much completed the victorian section so it will be good to get some of QLD and some more of NSW on there as well.

    I think I will take the coast all the way up for now unless anyone has any other suggestions?
  12. If you need to stay longer and get pulled over tell the cops you have only been up there for 1 month.
  13. tell them you fly back for weekends..
  14. Check out the Bundaberg distillery while your up here. You should go a check out the bunya mountains and Queen Mary falls. BOth places have some excellent views and interesting roads, just be careful of the animals.
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  15. Quick question for the NSW people.
    I will only have time to ride either through:
    - the blue mountains (greater western hwy and bells line of rd) or
    - putty road

    Which would you guys recommend? I am definetely one for nice views with some twisties thrown in soam thinking blue mountains may be what i want.
  16. I'm not from NSW but I was in that area recently and rode both of those. I'd pick Putty Road over Bells Line of Road. Great Western Highway is decidedly not fun at all. That said, if you've got more time, the Blue Mountains are lovely (I spent two nights there, could easily have stayed another). Check out my thread in the Riding Diaries section for some pictures if you want.
  17. I AM a Sinnysider in a touring club and know the state very well, and agree the Putty Road is far better. Then go straight through Singleton through East Gresford and Dungog then Gloucester then Thunderbolts Way up to Walcha and Armidale, OR from Dungog get over to the coast at Buladelah and follow the old Pacific highway (more twisty) then Port Macq or Wauchope head west up the famous Oxley Hwy to Walcha. Then, from Walcha, Uralla, Armidale take in the Waterfall Way to Dorrigo, then go west/north up through Nymboida to Grafton. Of course, all this takes heaps extra time, but it's so worth it for the twisties! If you have a lot of luggage - post what you don't need on the ride.
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    drop me a msg if you ever wanna go for a ride ludey.. iam just south of brissie.

    as for the parking on sidewalks.. depends on where/when its a judgement call on yourself really...

    if all the bike parking at the local shops is taken, ill ride up onto the sidewalk near the bike parking and park there... off to one side so nobody needs to walk around my bike.

    last night i parked on the sidewalk outside the gabba for the cricket.. cops everywhere. they didnt say anything and by the time the cricket was finished there was about 6 other bikes/scooters parked there as well. no fine.
    edit; this was on the opposite side of the rd to the gabba across from the members entrance
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  19. Thanks for the advice all!
    I am really looking forward to the ride and hope that the weather is reasonable.
    Thanks Rhys, I will drop you a msg once i settle in, I am definetely keen to explore the qld roads while I am there, its the main reason I am riding up.

  20. I got my bike from Brissy, as the previous owner was from a small country NSW town and the traffic in Brissy frightened the hell out of him. So take care riding in the city.