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Riding in your hoodie...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by philfromaccounting, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hi gang,

    Anyone seen or purchased these? Kevlar lined hoodie with CE armour.


    Seems perfect for nipping around the local area. Suits my April-September wardrobe of hoodies and jeans!
  2. Looks like it'd be pretty loose fitting so I question it's effectiveness. Would at least beat riding in only a regular hoodie.
  3. They flap around like a bastard, at 80 its ok, at 100 it's quite tiresome, faster? I'm not enough of a sucker for punishment to find out. They are very cool though, excellent for summer commuting.
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  4. Style over performance in this case. I imagine if you came off it would ride up and be pretty useless at protecting you.

    disclaimer; I am not a full ATGATT advocate, and occasionally ride in normal jeans and runners. Just pointing out a possible downfall to it if you are expecting protection.
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  5. Also at $199 you could buy a textile jacket + a normal hoodie to wear underneath
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  6. But you'd totes look like Jax from Sons of Anarchy
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  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm
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  8. pretty useless, Had a mate come off while wearing one. It just rode up and provided no protection.

    Might work if you were sliding head first?
  9. Hmm good point. Loose bits also wouldn't be great if you come off.
  10. Maybe better off getting something from the speed and strength range, textile jacket with built in removable hoodie for the same price.
  11. I don't buy into all this Kevlar crap.

    I wear full leathers 100% of the time!
  12. pics or it didn't happen
  13. Hey greg you get off on seeing blokes in leather dont you?
  14. some mainly laddie boys
    anyways how do you shower ? you know in your leathers?
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  15. I just wouldn't go there for me...trust me. I would cause accidents if I strapped leather on this bod on out in public...and not for good reasons.
    A bit of leather shared in private, well why not ;)
    In my case of riding leather though it is the catch cry... Why won't somebody please, please think of the cows! :woot:
  16. Leather only when on bike !!
  17. why are you allways crashing?
  18. I haven't stacked a bike since 2004!
  19. last time you rode?
  20. That was written with a petulant tone Mr!
    Some of us are not built to be encased in leather and in public view...it scares the children...if I can accept it, why oh why can't you? ;)
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