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Riding in windy weather

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ozego, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. One thing I've pretty much avoided doing is riding in really gusty conditions like today (in melbourne). However I had to go out today, and it didn't seem too bad. I gave myself plenty of room just in case.

    Does windy weather make any difference to you? I see some guys filtering through heavy traffic when it's really windy, it seems kind of nuts to me.

    (second try, forum is really slow atm)

  2. Freaks me out a little around curves when the wind hits. Just keeping calm and not slowing down too much because of it helps.
  3. Yup, was fighting with the gusty 30 degree hot wind on Eastern this morning.. pain in the a$$. Just have to be extremely careful especially riding a small bike..
  4. If I get caught out in gusty wind I deal with it the best way I can, but unlike today although great warm weather to ride in, I opted to take the cage to work as the wind was just unbelievable, and on the wittle Virago I wasn't gonna risk my neck of being flung up in a gust :roll: !
    But on the other hand I'm gonna contradict myself by saying I am going to head out for coffee tonight, so it had better not be windy when I leave...... :?
  5. Yeah it makes a bit of difference, still if you have your wits about you you will be fine.
  6. Its a bit of a challenge and can be scarey the first time you ride in the wind, but I just tuck in and go for broke. I wobble about sometimes, but so far Ive managed to stay upright.
    Now I find it can be fun. :)
  7. Yep, it's interesting but you eventually just deal with it. I've been out in every wind warning day over the last couple of months (over bolte bridge and other interesting wind tunnels), and while it is always a challenge, you manage.

  8. yes...and coming out of the citylink tunnel all nice and wind free, into the full on gusts, now thats a big shock the first time. :) but Im aware of it now and prepare myself for it.
  9. Yeah, it can be a challenge when really strong or unpredictable. Just give yourself space.
  10. depends on the wind.
    some of the windy days we have been having lately in Sydney scare me in the car. There is managable wind that blows you around a bit, and then there is wind i refuse to ride in - the stuff that comes in gusts and throws you across the road.
    i'm often riding along the princes highway from stanwell park though, and we all know what that piece of road is like on the best of days.
  11. Gladesville Bridge can give you a bit of a wind blast even on a relatively calm day.
  12. When the wind is pushing you and you have a lot of body weight on the handle bars the bike will obviosly shift in accordance with the pressure your wieght is applying. therefore the less pressure you put on your bars the less the wind will be knocking u about. well thats a normal tip for normal bike riding when going over bumps in corners or whatver but i find it a very useful tip indeed.
  13. i've done the westgate bridge a few times in some pretty strong wind. i'm basically riding at a lean to stay upright sometimes! i find that on a little 250 the big gusts can give me a bit of a surprise. i'm never scared of coming off, but when its windy i find that i need to be pretty focused so that i'm not blown into the next lane. on a really windy day i'll take the cage as i find the bike a bit tiring and less fun.
  14. Maybe I am just a nut.. but I dont mind riding in the wind. Its becoming as regular as riding on a better day. Craigieburn is the windiest place on earth, if I didnt get use to it, I'd never get to ride :(
  15. So where do you have your weight? Sit up right, or is tucking in ok as long as hold on with knees instead of weight on bars?
  16. I tuck in, and hold on more with knees
  17. Coming home from work this morning, it was rather gusty. It was throwing the Blackbird around a bit. Shit, it shouldn't be this bad, I thought.

    Coming around a corner the back end stepped out on me and gripped, causing a bit of worry. When I got home I had a look. The tyre felt underinflated. Sure enough it was. It had 10 psi in it. Normal pressure is 42 psi.

    So, even something simple like tyre pressures can affect how your bike handles windy conditions.
  18. the wind threw me out a fair bit when i first started riding.
    then i just let it blow me around , as i figured i had a whole lane to lay with
    but its never a much fun riding in the wind

  19. I agree after u work out you can do it, it can be fun.