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Riding in Victoria vs NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kasino, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys, It's been a few years since my last post here! But here goes..
    I'm wondering if anyone can offer their experience on riding in Victoria compared to Sydney, or NSW vs Vic, since most of the fun roads are actually outside of the city ;-)

    I'm currently in Sydney and do weekend rides to the usual suspects like Old Road, Wisemans Ferry, National Park down south, Putty, some over nighters like Singleton etc. I also commute in the city daily.

    What is the experience of riders who have enjoyed these rides/roads in NSW, and are their equivalents (or better) in Vic? What are the equivalents in Vic?

    I enjoy the 'spirited' pace of Old Road but generally anything with a few twists and turns and just getting out of the city. I've also heard there is more traffic enforcement in Victoria? Not that I'm a hoon, I am cautious. But I'd just like to know as many of the facts and differences between riding in the two states as possible.

    Thanks for any inputs, opinions and advice on this subject!
  2. I also forgot to mention that the main reason for my enquiry is that I'm considering a move to Melbourne from Sydney and riding is a big part of my life :)
    I also won't know anyone who rides in Melbourne so if anybody knows of any good clubs or groups who do rides, that would also be awesome.
  3. First of all, 'spirited' riding on the Old Pac when it has a 60Kph speed limit, implies that you're not too worried about the speed limits, so that qualifies opinion on other roads.
    Victoria has two major 'riding' roads within easy reach of the city, Black Spur and Reefton Spur. Both have 80Kph speed limits and unbroken single white line throughout, so you are not allowed to overtake anyone of you are behind. Like your attitude to the Old Pac, that doesn't mean that people DON'T, it just means that you can get booked if you do....
    There are many other nice roads dotted through the Dandenongs, and further afield, of course...
  4. One man’s spirited is another mans speed limit. Thanks for your feedback on my post question though and the roads.
  5. I'm not saying that you can't have fun within the speed limits, don't get me wrong, but 'spirited' here is usually code for 'damn the torpedos, full speed ahead' :LOL:
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  6. Mate there's plenty of good roads down here, mostly to E not W of the city, with the glaring exception of Great Ocean Road which is a must ride! Parts are busy but choose your day and times well and I reckon its one of the best rides you can do! Ride down here for a 3 or 4 nighter and check some out.....
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  7. Awesome, thanks for the response, I had heard East was the way to go. I bought my bike in Victoria sight unseen, and Road it to Sydney. It was a great ride back so looking forward to it again in reverse.
  8. There are also some fabulous roads to the north-east as well, the run from Coldstream up through Yea and then on to Benalla is great, plus you can go further north from the turn-off to Benalla and go to Whitfield and on to the north from there.
    Further north again is the road from Wodonga out past the eastern end of the Hume Weir; it leads to Corryong, and just out of Corryong is the start of the Great Alpine Highway, which wends its way through a few corners to Khancoban and on to Thredbo and Jindabyne in the NSW Alps....
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  9. Awesome, all are being added to the list of roads to explore!
  10. As I live close to the NSW / Vic border and regularly cross both side of the river, I find the riding about the same. Although, I'm a little more cautious on the Vic side of the river, as they seem to be a little more sneaky when it comes to revenue.

    I've also ridden most of the roads around both Sydney and Melbourne. Yes both are good for a Sunday cruise, but I get frustrated at the ridiculous speed restrictions. (Bells line road is the worst I've ridden and I couldn't wait to get off the farken thing).

    As said, Great Ocean Road is a must do, but try and go from Queenscliff to Mount Gambier, the further away from Melbourne you get, the road will seem more enjoyable.
    Don't forget, it's only a boat trip to Tassie also.
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  11. I did Bells line for the first time 3 weeks ago, I enjoyed it, but agree with your comment, it's restricting.. Tassie being close is a huge plus!
  12. The well known roads are rather heavily policed on the weekends. Mainly after tourists with speed cameras but occasionally the solos and highway patrol are tucked away in their hidey holes. You might want to know your way around before you get too spirited down here.
  13. maquarie pass is a good one in nsw not too long so just double back and do it again
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  14. Victoria has no double demerit points like nsw does!
  15. Victoria has double enforcement! Vic has some nice roads, they used to be in much better condition than NSW roads but that stopped with The Kennett government.

    I can't believe there's no legal overtaking for the full length of Reefton, that has me all depressed. Only ridden that once but it was special. After Reefton I couldn't see what the fuss was about with the Black Spur...
  16. Victoria does not have double demerits!!
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  17. KasinoKasino there are still some lip smacking rides in NSW- you sound a tad jaded...
    I did the Bell's towards Katoomba a few weeks back and it was friggin fantastic and we didn't waddle along either, it was great! I get jumped on (justifiably ;) ) but I rarely do the speed limit but I do judge when/where to tickle the throttle.
    The Bylong Way out from Denman is wooohooo time..I really had the $$$ going through some of those corners...still buzzing.

    But I must admit some of the photos posted up from Victoria do make me twitch to get down to Vic and go for a good fang through the Nongs and I have to do GOR on a bike even if I have to strap an O2 tank on the back to be able to do it!
    Go have a poke through photos from your ride thread and you will see some stunning rides our Vic mates have done...
    Sigh...so many rides and not enough years left to do them all...
  18. Vic do have some good roads in the west. I grew up in a small town in the Otways just behind Lorne and they are great roads. Which is funny cos I used to hate sitting in the middle in the backseat of the car on the way to Lorne as a kid. Now I'm regretting I ever thought of why they didn't put a tunnel straight through the hill. Just have to look a bit harder.
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  19. Pretty much every road that leads inland from the Great Ocean Road is a cracker and there's much less traffic on them than the GOR.
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  20. Way more enforcement in Victoria, but the fines and penalties are a little less severe. Don't have double demerits, but we do have covert cameras.
    All the popular tourist routes are heavily policed but you can find enough empty back roads to keep you happy.
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