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Riding in unchartered conditions - ACT massive storm!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. We'll ive ridden through rain, storms and all that, but I've never had to ride over mud, leaves, acorns and hail to work before! Believe me, if I knew about it beforehand i would have caught the bus!

    Massive storm hit town last night, dump trucks have been brought in the clear the hail, streets have been blocked off, cars are being towed out of underground parks, our top floor of work has been cleared out as have most of our buildings due to hail damage. Half the leaves are missing from the trees too (cause they're on the street now).

    The planet is angry! :evil:

  2. hmmm, yes, was interesting trip into work this morning :shock:

    Very impressive though, looked like it had been snowing!

    Any idea what time the storm actually hit? We had storms but nothing like this out Belconnen way...
  3. Not sure, i was in queanbeyan last night and it started storming out there at about 11pm, but nothing like this!!

    I saw one dump truck just leave before with snow/ice piling out the top!
  4. Few pics from last night. Crazy thing is I think it p!ssed down rain after this and moved all the hail into underground carparks or in big patches blocking roads!



  5. :shock: OMG :shock: it looks like snow
  6. It practically is! You look close up at it and it's big chunks of ice balls!! I've never seen anything like it in my 27 years here!

    Riding in it this morning was a nightmare. Those photos are from before another storm hit I think, cause there's no leaves and cr@p everywhere like there is now!
  7. I got caught in a freak hail storm like that once before... I have absolutely zero desire to repeat the experience.

    Bikes don't steer very well when the wheels are waving back and forwards on what feels like marbles :LOL:
  8. You should save those pictures and put them on your Christmas cards!

    I've never seen Civic looking like that before; I guess the good thing is that you survived it....
  9. Here's a few more great shots!

    Thank god I didn't have to ride in it, only through the aftermath in the morning!


  10. Wow! Bet there'll be a crapload of insurance claims coming up!
  11. Yeah, and I'm sure the insurance companies are already investigating ways to get out of paying the claims!
  12. looks exciting!
  13. It's weird, all these massive storms have been missing Belco, we just had 30min-1hr of steady rain and that's it. There's a few branches lying around and some dirt and gravel has been washed onto the roads but that's all. ANU canceled all their classes today...lucky bastards
  14. we got nothing at harrison.

    bah, ANU, bunch of softies, we (UC) are open for business today.

    a mate got stuck on caswell when it hit, his car looks like a golfball now
  15. Yeah I've got no class tonight at ANU, bonus!

    Now its p!ssing down rain again!!! Aren't we in a severe drought???

    Belconnen always seems to miss it?? Cause it's the good side of town :cool:
  16. That's right :cool:

    There was heaps of ice piled up in undercover carpark near where I park... and there is still ice piled up on the balcony here at work and it's after midday! :shock: It all looked so awesome this morning (AFTER I had gotten off the bike...) :grin:
  17. Fair- dinkum. Looks like you had more snow there then we did at Perisher last season.
  18. That's cause UC rulz!!!

    That wasn't Pete Carling was it? I had class with him and he mentioned his car copped a bit of a battering
  19. haha we didnt ven have the leaves and sticks or any of that hear in queanbeyan bit of wash off on the road thats it, but got caught in the storm on the storm this afternoon :evil:
  20. I rode home in a storm this afternoon. Tools were doing 40 km/h all bunched up together in their cars, is it not logical to realise that travelling further apart, faster, will allow better visibility??
    Besides, on the GTR, teh faster I go, the drier I stay!
    Anyway, I love riding in the rain, the Molongolo river looks like it will flood if it rains heavily again tonight.
    We missed the storm proper, but the lightning was amazing.

    Regards, Andrew.