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Riding in tunnels

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by razorammo, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Been on my Ls for a couple of months now and ride everyday, done close to 2k on my VN250 - lovin it!

    I was out riding yesterday arvo on the M5 (West to East Sydneey), super-windy as my bike was pushed around by the wind and speeding trucks, a little scary but it was manageable, BUT then..

    the M5 tunnel scared me ****less.:eek:

    - Wearing tinted goggles in the tunnel didn't help.
    - Riding 10km slower than everyone else kind of pissed everyone off and so they were overtaking really close to me
    - No fresh air in the tunnel, just dry heat and polluted air
    - The tunnel walls made me feel like I was riding faster than I was and felt like the walls were closing in on me.

    Any tips for noobs in tunnels?
    On the way back, I took Parra rd close to midnight and it was a great ride home. :happy:
  2. Pretend it's just a road with curved sound walls?
  3. Here in Melbourne, there are speed cameras every 100 metres, so I spend the entire time watching my speedo.:banghead: That will take the focus off the walls!;)

    The air can be hot & stuffy, but you are really only in there for a couple of minutes.

    The worst thing in the Melbourne tunnels is the wind turbulence, about 50 metres from the exit. That is not fun, when you aren't expecting it!:)
  4. Yup! Me too.

    Did you notice the "fresh air" vents?

    There is no notice to warn you, and, all of a sudden, you have a blast of air from the side of the tunnel. :eek:

    According to RTA specs, the air has a speed of about 100 kph and can seriously upset you if you don't know to expect it.

    Basically, I try and avoid tunnels like the plague.
  5. Either go faster or don't go in the tunnel. It's not that hard to work out.

    I don't get the hate for tunnels, I love the m5 tunnel. It's a perfect haven from cops and the like and it's warm when it's raining.

    If you have an air cooled bike I'd probably avoid it.
  6. the WORST thing about tunnels is when the traffic is stopped on a hot day and theres no space to split cause of trucks or dick heads.....

    as for the rest, you'll get used to it, i never even noticed the air vents before.... I knew they were there but never noticed the wind.
  7. If you have the right exhaust tunnels can be fun.....
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  8. Yup, I did notice that, and it was great to have a cool blast of air before exiting, I was using an open face helmet. :)

    Most likely I'll just keep riding through them to get used to it - thanks for the replies.

    Have a safe & awesome new year everyone!:D
  9. Tunnels also get ~10% more amusing if you have a bike with a quick shifter.
  10. Do wheelies
  11. Probably the same as anyone else out there riding a bike with aftermarket pipes, but tunnels for me is more about changing down into a 'louder gear'.

    Road builders in Australia nowadays only build for cars, so it's not surprising that long underground tunnels in metro/urban areas are an OK thing to do, as cars have aircon & roll up their windows. Funny enough the assumption is that if the tunnel is on an expressway, then traffic will flow smoothly without being stationary in the tunnel, but this doesn't seem to pan out in every example in Australia so far.
  12. I like tunnels especially on a cold morning as they are always warm.

    No issues and you have to be a little bit more careful but generally the speed in tunnels by the other traffic is a little less.

    Fresh air vents...never noticed them to be honest on the M5 or Harbour tunnel.

    I think they are good fun ;-)

    Cheers Spocky
  13. I love brisbanes tunnels especially since I got my new muffler, sounds amazing. Never had any issues in fact I find it really hard to stick to the speed limit because I can't resist the sound of giving it some throttle but luckily I know where the speed cameras are.
  14. Gerday from Tassie, Saw your bike pic - looks in good nick. They are a fab. little cruiser and a lot of fun. Is she stock standard still ? or been derestricted to give full power ? Pre 2005 models were restricted for the European market and Aus by default. I have tweaked mine and the difference is huge, way more fun and a lot safer passing stuff on the freeways.
    Enjoy and stay upright

  15. Yup, still standard except for the saddlebags I added. My 12k service is due, so I'll see if it's worth destricting it if it isn't too $$$. Have you done anything else to your vn250? I'm hoping to upgrade so a bigger bike in a year or so.
  16. To derestrict the eliminator you need to remove the slides from both carbies and seal up the two 5mm holes in the side of the slides (not the bottom holes). Easy to do but a s**t to get to the carbies - takes about 4 hours all up but 30% more HP.
    Debaffled the exhaust which was dead easy and sounds much much better + instant boost in power. Just need a battery drill and two holesaws blades.
    I was going to use my bike then upgrade but unrestricted it is a vastly different machine.
    Have fun