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Riding in traffic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Saml, May 7, 2006.

  1. Well, I'm doing it. :LOL:
    I'm making more progress each day, confidently riding in traffic, keeping up with the flow. I've been on a few little tour rides..
    Nothing like what I want to do, but I need more time for that.

    The only thing I need to experience now is wet weather, 100km (Queensland speed limit) strong winds, and passing trucks n semis..

    Some of those will just have to wait till I'm out on the country roads.

    first thing in the morning at the beach

  2. Well done Saml, keep up the good work :)
  3. Ever time you ride, that's adding to your experience, and training your mind and body for the rigours of bike riding in general.

    It all adds up incrementally, and while at the time it may not seem like much, collectively in the end it makes a huge difference. :)

    Keep at it Saml, stay within your abilities, be especially vigilant while you are learning, and allow yourself the time for things to start to become "second-nature" and more intuitive. You'll be surprised how far you've progrssed after a few months on the bike.

    Don't forget to carpark practice your emergency stops, and slow speed handling - both important more in traffic.

    Happy riding. :))
  4. The more confidence you gain, the more enjoyable it becomes. Good work Saml, happy riding :)
  5. well done keep up the good work
  6. A gold star and elephant stamp for you. The thrill of getting it right is something that will keep you coming back again and again for more. :)
  7. Crikey! Make sure you do that carefully! :shock: :LOL:

    Good work Saml. Dealing with trafic is just a comination of reflexes, judgement and confidence. Build your confidence and the rest will follow. :)
  8. Hey thats my jacquet . I suspected it was you who took it!
  9. Good stuff Sam.

    Nice pics.

  10. actually..it's my jacket...lol :p

    good work Saml, I've been riding since mid January and this weekend I did my first big trip,
    had my little bike packed high with my rucksack and sleeping bag. We had a team of 9 bikes and a ute....13 people all up. Ive got the touring bug now too:) We rode in rain nearly all day today, got hailed on a few times too.

    Practice makes perfect, you'll be surprised how quick you adapt to the rain , just relax, its fun.
  11. congratulations on your first tour.. I would have been so scared, rain and hail :shock: at least you experienced it and got through it.

    I can't wait till I can do my first tour.

    Thanks for your responses :)
  12. Good work Saml! Your confidence in traffic will pick up the more experience you get. Still make sure you keep an eye out for vehicles bigger than you, that may not be too vigilent. Stay out of their blind pots and give yourself enough reaction room.

    Keep up the good work! :wink:

    BTW, do still have good riding weather in Queensland? Melbourne is pissing down at the moment! :cry:
  13. Nice work Saml! How does the Suzuki GS500/F go? I would like very much to get one of these for myself.

    How long have you been riding for as well? did you have that bike before you got your opens?

    But yeah, great work with the riding, keep going and never stop...well, except when the situation requires it...u know, traffic lights and all :grin:
  14. I think it rides really well, I'm very comfortable. I dropped my bike at the lights my few days of riding, and picked it right back up again, I'm ( 5'4 8.5stone F) no problems, I was off the scene like lightening

    It takes corners very nicely. LOVE IT!

    It's perfect weather, not too hot anymore, not too cold, sunshiny days.
    heres a picture I took at the beach yesterday It looks questionable but was the beginning of a beautiful day.

    The morning before.

  15. wow they're some nice shots Saml...where abouts is it? Noosa? Gold Coast? The shots of the river with the boats is really nice :cool:.

    Do you do photography? those shots look pretty pro :grin:

    Another thing I wanted to ask is: is your bike the first one you've owned?

    I have been told - due to my height - that I should at least get a 500cc bike to start with, as a 250cc won't last me too long. I also wanted to know from someone who likes suzuki motorbikes like I do, about how nice these GS500s are and what they perform like.

    Sorry if I am being a PITA, but I just wanna get a suzi coz they fit me like a glove.
  16. They are pics of Gladstone Marina, I was surprised how good they were, but I did make them clearer using psp (paint shop pro) I don't always take such great shots..

    First bike.. I did a fair bit of research on which one to get... I had my eye on a Kawasaki, but the two top choices for a beginner from what I'd read were the Suzuki & Kawasaki.. I loved the Kawasaki , someone pulled up on one to the bike shop I was at, and it purred like a kitten.. (well..not exactly) but so quiet..

    After sitting on both tho, it had to be the Suzuki.. really comfortable!

    I thought the same thing about 250cc I knew it would be a great starter, sensible choice, but I was concerned about growing out of it fast too.. I was a bit nervous going for a 500 but I don't have any regrets..

    The first lessons I learned were to go really slow, thanks to the great advice I got here too , I learned where the bikes friction point was.. When I had confidence to go slow, speeding up wasn't intimidating.. I don't know any different, haven't ridden a 250... but I really don't feel like my bike has too much kick for me..

    I don't know what a PITA is.. lol... but I'm happy to talk about my bike anytime..
  17. PITA = Pain In The Ass :LOL:

    But yeah, thanks for understanding and I think it's gonna be a GS500/F fro me too! :cool:
  18. Do you have to post up all those pictures :tantrum: it looks so nice and warm up there and i'm down here sitting on the heater with my blanket over my head :LOL:

    Congrats on getting out in the traffic and i'm not sure if i'd like to be out in the rain in queensland either, everytime it rains up there there seems to be a hurricane to go with it :?
  19. Stop trying to make us jealous, it's 15 degrees down here!

    Well done mate, just relax and enjoy like you are doing. :)
  20. What absolutley awesome photo's! :applause: And the weather! Makes me feel like diving into that water!

    The way the weather is down here, all I have, to keep my spirits up is the thought of huge snowfalls so that the snowboard season can start! If it's going to be cold, it better be snowing!

    But you keep enjoying that great weather and the riding! :cool: