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Riding in the wind

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jorn, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. I am going to the motorcycle show early tomorrow and had full intention of riding there but the winds today are pretty wild and supposed to be the same/worse tomorrow. As I am able to take the cage but don't particularly want to, just wondering how "risky" it is riding in this kind of wind. Happy to ride in rain and have ridden in wind before but wind has never been this strong. Haven't been on the bike in a couple of weeks, desperate for a ride, but also have to be at work on Monday in one piece. What are your thoughts?

  2. go for it i would.
  3. I rode to the motorcycle show today and the wind was fine. Just take it easy, relax your hold on the bars and grip the tank.
  4. go nuts.
    the wind will blow you round.
    its fun.
    every remember trying to lean into the wind as far as you could, as a kid?
    makes it fun like that :p
    just RELAX and grip the tank with your knees dont get stiff on the bars, and know your bike will not just get blown over, when moving it inherently wants to stay upright.
    let it move about underneath you a bit, just a safe distance from cars/others to allow room for fun :)

    enjoy the show! :wink:
  5. Today was my first time riding after getting my L's and getting my bike going. As you said, it was windy and wet. I just slowed down and it was easy to negotiate.

    The tips above are spot on, but I would also add keep warm. Do you have wet weather gear? I don't and I was getting cold and it made me tense up a bit. So keep warm. And enjoy!
  6. Go for it...
    Robin's Tips are spot on !
    It can be fun. That said, I am not that keen on riding when its both raining and windy. ( never stops me though :p ) The two combined make it quite a challenge.
  7. At least in the day, you can have a benchmark as to wind direction by any trees around , a lot worse is riding at night , windy , and raining.
  8. I went for a ride from dee why up towards palm beach(not all the way) and it was plenty windy but it was actually fun... had my bike since last sunday and this was ride #4 since i got the bike... the first ride was 10km in the carpark in dee why :)

  9. [​IMG]
  10. ^^ hee hee :grin:
  11. cheeses!...I thought we just went through all this on another thread.. :shock:
    Do a search and you'll find heaps of good info on wind riding..