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Riding in the wind!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by buckett, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Riding home this afternoon in the wind in Sydney was actually the most worried I've been about conditions since I got my bike (was surprised rain riding wasn't as scary as I thought it might be).

    Anyway, I thought it was kind of funny cause it turns out I didn't get blown around in the lane as much as I thought, Just had to grip the tank with the knees a little tighter and hunker down a little on Anzac bridge.

    The worst thing was all the leaves and crap blowing everywhere and into my face! Obviously visor down so no probs but my automatic response was SCREAMING to duck or close my eyes hahaha.

    Any Tips for wind riding on a 250?
  2. Don't do it
  3. you screamed at leaves ? lol
    one thing you will hear is to 'relax' and let the bike move under you.
    IT's a blast tho isnt it!!
  4. haha yeah they were terrifying, i just meant my instinct was to keep ducking out of the way so they didn't get in my eyes
  5. If you loosen up the wind moves you suprisingly little, best tip I got about this. Bridges are the worst, so when you know you have a bridge coming up, either blast your way out of traffic, so you have nothing next to you, or find a bus in the wind side lane and hunker in next to it.
  6. cheers!