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Riding in the wet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mcm, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. So it was not enough that the roads are full of potholes, bumps and nails and so on but in the wet you get the added bonus of those nice shinny slippery tar lines which they use to patch cracks in the road, some shorter some longer depending on the luck of the draw ...
    I have to say that on the motorbike you really do get the full road treatment but then again it could be worse .... it could be like Mongolia and ride on dirt roads all the time, although I would much rather come off on sand or dirt then ashphalt.

  2. tar snakes are my particular enemy; there are a heap of them at the top of Macquarie Pass as in summer they are diabolical, particularly for my super-sensitive 16" front wheel :shock:. Much as it goes against every rider's grain, my only advice under these conditons is to slow down :LOL:.
  3. I don't like riding in the rain and have had a couple of sliding issues which I'm working on now by getting out there in the wet and gaining experience that way (very carefully).
  4. Ugh, those tar snakes at the top of Macquarie Pass are frickin' lethally slippery, even when it's dry. And all over the entire width of the road, even mid-corner. Whoever decided to put those ones in as a road maintenance plan in deserves a slap.
  5. I have a mate down here who does that for a living..
    I've looked at him many times in the face and and said " I hate you "
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    We had them on the Old Pac a while back, now it's just race-track smooth :D

    The threat of legal action is about the only thing you'll be able to convince them with though. Until then the RTA couldn't give a flying **** that the repairs make the road more dangerous than before.
  7. I remember my first time up Brown Mountain. Second decent corner in the wet and the whole corner was tar snakes. No fun especaily on a KLE500 with semi dirt knobbies on:eek: The other week I almost body slammed the bike after hitting a tar snake whilst leaning going around a roundabout. adrenaline is a great strength booster.
  8. Only time I've ever had the bike almost slide out from under me was driving over those evil black snakes.... I slow riggggght down if I spot them across a whole corner now.
  9. Don't you love it how the government and police go on and on and on about road safety. Last year they were all over the higher than normal rider fatalities and how we the rider need to be more careful. They slug the motorists huge fines for marginally going over the speed limit and go on about how it's needed to reduce the road toll, bull. So what do Councils and Governments do to make us safe... they repair roads in such a way that they become extremely dangerous when wet. Nice to know they have our well being in mind and not our wallets.
  10. Hmmmm... they just killed my street with a million tar snakes as well, some right around the first bend i have to turn after leaving home, had the front wheel almost tuck the first time i went around it in the wet and that was going slow because the bike was still warming up.