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Riding in the thermonuclear heat

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. So doing the MOST tomorrow in supposed 42oC heat -apart from hoping St John's ambulance is on standby and wearing sweat absorbent undies- how in this literal hell does one stay alert, pass the bloody thing whilst staying hopefully upright? Of course being P testing, all the gear has to be kosher and of course my is mostly all black. Yikes -maybe I'll get a sympathy pass if I swoon? :troll:
    Suggestions? Nice kind ones please my nerve are as frayed as my 70's jeans...

  2. Take frozen water bottles, and maybe frozen packs to stick in your jacket/on your neck between riding.

    Open all your venting (duh).
    Stay in shade etc
  3. Theyll have no issue riding on the course in a t shirt and jeans. It's very slow stuff.
  4. Dinkum?? I guess I thought you had to have all the gear strapped on to be ' legal' and to meet their site insurance etc...I must admit like a seatbelt in a car I haven't been able to bring myself to do anything so naughty as a t-shirt only only very daringly leaving my jacket unzipped which was outrageous of meI know! :angelic:
    oldcorollasoldcorollas I like the sound of the ice packs - just with all that open hot bitumen -hooley dooley-I better watch out for the tar snakes on the road ride as well eh
  5. If the road rules only require a helmet and nothing else, I'm not sure how they could fail you for not wearing full gear for a license test. Give them a call, but I too would doubt that you're required to wear full protective gear.
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  6. IIRC their requirements are shoes, gloves, long sleeves and pants. So if you've got a long sleeved t-shirt then you could wear that for all the low speed stuff on the range (30km/h, 2nd gear limit) and just wear your jacket to get there, for the road section and for getting home, without breaching your ATGATT philosophy.

    Stay Upright required visors down unless you were wearing glasses, so if you want to keep yours open, might be an idea to wear sunnies if you're not ordinarily bespectacled.
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  7. I had my visor up in the slow stuff, with sunnies on.....didn't know it had to be down.
    OldmaidOldmaid good luck!!!! :)
  8. Yeah, I don't think the visor/eye protection bit was in the RMS spiel, so there seemed to be a bit of variation between them and SU. RMS says 'sturdy long sleeve jacket', but from memory SU were ok with any long sleeves - they just didn't want exposed skin on the range.
  9. Good luck! :)
  10. Go to you Ray's outdoor and get yourself a neck cooler. You soak it in water and put it around your neck. Wet your jacket and it will help. Last year I did a 600k day in 46c temps. And yes Drink, Drink, Drink . Water that is.
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  11. What Eric said!! I am seriously contemplating a camelbak. Keep hydrated on the move and help keep your back cool.
  12. Soaking a textile jacket has remarkable effect. Stay in the shade for as much time as you can, obviously, and keep up your fluids!
    And, once you have your licence, don't ride in this sort of stupid heat unless you absolutely have to......
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  13. Thank you every one! I reckon that as I sweat like an old pig the minute the temp is over 25 I will look like I have ebola by the time I start the test!:troll:
    I like the idea of the thingo around the neck... Will be having lots to drink tomorrow night ine way ir another ha ah!
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  14. P's test is easier then the L's, take you time and have fun.

    I did mine in the same heat, just kept the fluid levels up, if you feel thirsty it is already to late.

    And then we took breaks after a section, and rested in the shade.
  15. What kind of jacket do you have? A mesh one will give you enough protection to be getting on with (certainly at low speeds) and still be tolerable if you can keep moving. Kevlar jeans aren't much worse regarding heat than plain jeans.
  16. I have a dririder jacket but thought to wear ordinary jeans... Have just chucked some H2O in the freezer to take along...I suppose sh#tting myself with nerves in the heat won't be such a hot look either....:clown:
  17. Good luck and don't be afraid just relax and enjoy yourself; and remember they will be as hot as you so they will understand.