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Riding in the rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Hi, I went for a ride the other day to lithgow via bell, half way there it was pissing down rain, fog, poor visability ect, i had trouble seeing where i was going and i had to continously vipe my visor with my glove this only worked for 3 or 4 seconds, and then repeat. Overtaking trucks going around corners at 100+ with one hand is a bit scary. I opened the visor but the rain stung my eyes , and when the rain stopped the dew made things worse (Interestly the bike did'nt mind the wet and slippery conditions).
    My question is what do fellow bike riders do in this situation. Stopping is not the answer ! Please advise.

  2. if u turn ur head to the side, the wind blows the water off your visor
  3. Get some RAIN-X, follow the instructions, but only use on the exterior.

    Recommended by Shark and KBC.
  4. Further to the Rain-x point, has anyone used Fog-x on the inside of their visor? I know it works beautifully on my cage's windscreen, but not sure if it'd be as good for the visor situation...
  5. Heheh - I wear glasses, and I find that in rain I'm better off riding with the visor up: the glasses don't tend to collect water the way a visor does, and they stop the rain-in-the-eyes.

    It's probably the only advantage of being short-sighted :)

    I know other people who swear by the various rain 'repellant' treatments for visors, Rain-x etc.
  6. Last weekend I was riding in nasty rain for many many hours.. with an iridium visor :oops: I had safety goggles on underneath which were 100% necessary for being able to see at all below 70kmh. In that crappy washy fine rain I had to use my glove to wipe the visor every second or two. This combined with getting in front of cars (avoiding spray) helped. I found to keep the water beading off I had to do about 130... So I did find myself overtaking IN HARD RAIN WITH POOR VISIBILITY at speed so that I could put myself into a safer situation. Sounds contradictory, but I guess you have to have been there..

    Put your weight on the tank, go slow in corners, be smooth with everything, etc. And when making turns at intersections, treat the road as if its ice - you can't see oil and if its there when making a turn you WILL slide.
  7. Have a look at MCAS website under helmet accessories.

    They have fog insert you put inside your visor ,they work 100% for fog.

    BUT ,with these $27 Tinted or plan inserts you can't change your visor ....reason being is the visor bend out when you take it off and the sticky bit that keeps the insert on ,comes away from the visor when it bends.
    I know I have brought 2 sets and threw them both out after awhile. :?
    So if you got a dark visor and clear one and want to swap and change there not any good.
    But if you wear sunny's and only have a clear visor on all the time there ok.

    Also the $27 ones have a dark 3mm sticky strip around the edges and it takes a small bit of your peripheral vision ,so also some thing to think about.
    There is pro's and con's to them.

    I just notice they have a $15 one ,and it has clear edges so you might not loose your peripheral vision ,with this new one.
    And I always have a clear visor and wear sunny and never change visors ,so it will stay in place once it on.
    I'll get one of these soon and see how it goes because they do work 100% for fog.

    Last tip is ,if you buy one make sure you line it up 100% in the center and if you look at your helmet you will notice and strip around the top that stops the rain going down between you visor and the helmet .
    Make sure you keep the insert away from this strip ,as it catches the fog insert when you lift your visor and you can't open it ,or it catches on the insert and brakes the seal and lets air and fog in.

    If you get my drift.
  8. anybody recommend catcrap?
  9. Cat crap has been recommendedby others in other posts.

    FOGX shouldn't be used on inside of your visor - says so on the box!!

    check out the RainX website for more info.
  10. I experienced my first real soaking the other week coming back from work on the monash. 10pm, draggin jeans, summer Dri-Rider jacket... heavy rain turned a 40minute ride into an 1hr+ with unbelieveable traffic for that time. My steel cap shoes were pooling with water it was so bad. I wondered at first how I would cope psychologically with the conditions, but I was laughing so much the whole way the chaotic traffic and poor visibility didn't bother me much at all - so I think for one thing keeping in good spirits can help out a lot when it gets uncomfortable.

    Turning my head from side to side helped out a bit but couldn't really stop the fine mist from the cars in front. I'd like to hear more about using RainX etc on visors... my riding instructors specifically warned against it??? can it leave an oily smear that diffracts light or something?
  11. thanks for that, ill try the rain x and the fog inserts from mcas , i'll stick it in the bag and be prepared , cheers !
  12. If the visor is fogging up a little, try only opening it a fraction instead of the whole way. I find it demists the visor, and also stops the rain getting into the eyes.
  13. For the fogging the $15 inserts are great, got mine last May and had no fog problems since. As for rain, move to Melbourne hardly ever rains here.
  14. Um I get wet when it rains and cat crap is good.
  15. But what do you use on your visor?
  16. Love it rofl.
  17. Yep....great stuff and available right here in the NR store :)
  18. cant speak of catcrap highly enough.
    so versatile in almost any dish and....oh.
    um it stops my visor from fogging up too :grin:
    i find it wears out after a few days, but hey apply it every 3 or 4 days if the weather is repeatedly (cat)crap :p

    works perfectly, in 10 degree weather in the rain or fog up in the hills, visor is clear as a whistle (on the inside, catcrap does nothing for rain, but cleans the bugs off the visor well :))

    now all i need to do is check out this rain-x.
  19. Me, I have or had until last week, a Fog City visor liner on my clear visor and one on my tinted visor.

    I've done the Rain-x thing too, but a clean visor is nearly as good. If it's wet and you don't wear specs then if the Fog City is working keep the visor closed. Last thing you need if it's open is water running down the inside.

    If you have tinted and clear visors, look at when you're going for a ride and determine whether the tinted one is appropriate or not. ie. they're not that good on overcast days and at night, obviously.

    Finally, consider your riding style in the wet. Passing trucks on bends with one hand wiping your visor isn't exactly an ideal thing to be doing. If necessary, back right off, keep out of the truck's spray and when you see a safe opportunity to pass, then do so. Otherwise, take your time.

    And be careful on how you apply power when passing in the wet. When I was riding down to the Island for the GP last year I copped a heavy squall around Inverloch. I was passing a couple of cars. Just as I got along side one, the rear spun up and the bike tried to snap sideways. God only knows what the car driver thought of an over-revving bike going sideways next to him thought.

    But, being the Mick Doohan that I am and the cat like reflexes that I have I was able to avert a crisis that would've truly ruined the start of an excellent weekend.

  20. I bought a Fog-city visor with that self-darkening property... forgot what its called. I installed it 20000kms ago and ahve had no problems since. Never ever fogged up, even on the Blackspur in the middle of winter at 6am. Hasn't even peeled off slightly anywhere. Worth the extra money you have to spend.

    Problem with catcrap and other stuff is that you have to keep on applying it. Although I might have to buy some of that stuff to avoid the annoying spray that comes off the car tires in the wet. Hope it helps with that.