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Riding in the rain??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by IronMaiden, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Does any one else have a problem with down-shifting while holding the umbrella??
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nope

    Dont use the clutch for downshifts.
  3. Try gluing the umbrella to your helmet :wink:
  4. or get one of those hats that are a small umbrella :grin:
  5. Tape it to the front brake leavre NOT the clutch leaver, that way it also reminds you not to use the front brake in the rain
  6. And whatever you do, be careful not to puncture your water-wings.
  7. But I never use the back brake, so if I tape the umbrella to the front leaver, that leaves me with no brakes.
  8. How is this going to affect the crumple zones of my yellow Rosebank Stackhat. Safety first.
  9. Motorcycles have brakes?!? I thought that was a mounting point for the umbrella...
  10. You could look for an older ex-cop BMW. My K series had a mounting bracket for the pole that holds the blue light - you could get a large golf umbrella and mount it there :LOL: :LOL:

    Alternatively you could look for a C1 BMW :LOL:

  11. When you want to slow down just hang the brolly out the back and it will act like a parachute.
  12. Nope, my grid girl holds it for me.... :grin:
  13. All can be solved by consulting the BMW Accessories catalogue:

  14. God, that thing looks so daft I'd rather ride with an umbrella. Seriously.
  15. See...

    I did say that BMW would be the solution one way or the other :LOL:
  16. Tony, I dropped in to see some friends in London on my way back from Sweden, and actually saw a few of those thingy's in the city. Trust me, they don't look any better in reality than they do on paper...... :shock:
  17. I actually sat on (in?) one last time I was in the UK - I didn't get to ride it but it felt even weirder than it looked :LOL:

    There's actually one in Melbourne.

    Benelli do one similar (the Adiva) except its top folds back. Just as ugly though (despite what Paul's brother thinks) :LOL: and they actually sold a few in Australia... :roll:

  18. And there are quite a lot of them in Munich.

    In terms of standing out and making the police prrsence obvious, they probably work very well. But they certainly look interesting don't they :tantrum:
  19. :facepalm: :arrow:

    They cant be serious.
  20. WTF you need an umbrella for on a motorbike??

    Just get waterproof gear FFS. :?