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Riding in the rain/Outdoor storage care - what do you do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thermal, May 3, 2012.

  1. So, upgraded from my VTR250 to a Street Triple this week (yay!) and of course Melbourne turns on the bloody waterworks (boo!).

    I don't have a garage and ride to work every day regardless of the weather and I also have to leave the bike outdoors during the day while at work. The chrome on the VTR (and even small sections of the forks) has rusted, which I can only assume is due to being exposed to the elements.

    What can I do to prevent this happening on my beautifully clean new bike? I will be getting a cover for overnight at home - but what should I be doing to prevent water causing problems?
  2. Bunnings has a portable garage for motorcycles for a few hundred dollars. Not sure on the exact price. It's made from heavy duty plastic and it's not a bad size.
  3. You could get one of the fabric-like bike covers and keep it in a bag on your bike for when you're out and about. Rubbing vaseline onto chrome also helps protect it - at least, that's what I do for my tools before I put them back.
  4. Leave the bike in the house, park the bike in the office?

    On a more serious note, can you bring the bike cover with you to work to cover it over? I'd say wax everything you can, that way the water will just bead off leaving less chances of dirt.
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  5. Get the portable garage from bunnings, it will keep the rain off while you ride...but you won't be able to filter.
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  6. Hmm, not sure I have any room for the portable garage, though I'll certainly look into it.

    Vaseline/wax - are these going to cloud or dull the chrome at all? Yes, it's a little vain, but I guess this thread is all about vanity really...
  7. Bunnings have small blue tarps.Cheap.Tie it over your bike with a piece of rope.If it gets pinched it wont cripple you financially. You can always write your rego number on it! If you keep your chrome well polished (regularly) it will last longer.There are products specifically for chrome.
  8. $2 tarps are good, don't melt them onto your pipes though!

    coat of WD40 will protect and serve

    With my bike i found its not the getting wet, the bike rusts when it is left to dry naturally, so if it stays wet it is okay.

    To dry off the bike quickly, wipe down with a towel then take it for a ride so the engine heat/wind/vibration dries off the bits you can't reach.

    watch your bearings + chain
  9. For at work.. i'm not sure where you work so maybe find somewhere to park undercover if possible?

    at home.. a portable garage seems like a good idea.. or your average bike cover, or park it in the house.. my uncle had his bike in the house when he didn't have a garage.. the type of bike escapes me at the moment.. but it was expensive and his pride and joy.

    He did have floorboards though so.. it depends on your circumstances.

    The only other option would be to move out and get a house with a garage.
  10. For home, you can get stuff like a "bike barn" or "cycleshell". These are basically special purpose tents for your bike.
  11. MOST threads are about vanity, actually :LOL:!!

    But, yeah, get a cover stashed away somewhere at work, and buy one of the Bunnings portable garage thingies for home.

    The up-side is that it keeps the beastie away from prying eyes as well....
  12. I'm in a similar situation to OP (no garage at home or work).
    While at home I use an Oxford cover (http://www.oxprod.com/index.php?pg=3&action=dept&id=31&pid=182&p=) which covers the full bike and keps it nice and dry and while at work I have found a bike parking space on a street under a freeway pass so it doesn't get rain in there.
    The main thing with the cover is to only use it when the bike is completely dry. If you put it on while the bike is still wait it will keep the humidity and condensation and make matters even worse.
    What I do is wait for the rain to ease/stop, dry the bike with an old towel and then cover it.
    As someone mentioned before, the problem is no the rain itself but letting it dry naturally.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about the bike being out in the weather at work. But I'd definitely be looking at something to cover/protect/secure the bike in at home.

    I say this because my bike is 10 years old next week and Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm it's out in the open at work and (other than I'm lazy and don't wash it very often) it's held up pretty well. But it gets locked up in the garage at home. Although I must admit that when the weather is particularly bad when I'm at work the bike gets pushed in to the First Aid room.
  14. maybe polish the chrome til its as shiny as all get out, make sure its clean and dry and then hit it with clear coat ?
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