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Riding in the rain last night.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pokiou, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. OMG what a night almost got killed 3 times.

    Going down toorak road over punt road towards stkilda. Tram tracks on the right hand lane and i was in the middle of them for a safe reason?? !! :/

    Now as you go up the road the tram tracks shift to the right on an angle, that the bike goes across them on a 45 degree angle !! :( i hit that @ 60 and got the biggest scare of my life as the bike went hard left and the hard right and hard left again. I dont know how i managed to stay upright but im sure i used some moutian bike riding skill or something lol

    2nd time riding down lygon to get home just past the cemetry and this taxi driver does this hard brake to pick a fare on the side of the road. There i am skiding behind a taxi that out weights me 10:1 and i come to a complete stop about 10 cm from his arse end. so i ride up beside start to abuse him and all he does is looks at me smiles. Well im sure he will be missing his side mirror cause i rode past him 50 meters later at the lights and too it out :/

    Anyways riding up hill down bell street and this police car pulls out and starts to gun it.. in front of me. WHAT A NOOB wheels spinning and there i am riding up behind him thinking wtf .. by the time my brain registered i was so close i had to slide the bike AGAIN!!! this time to the left of him up a drive way lol!!! there i am on the side walk with a cop car next to me im looking at him his looking at me, im like wtf !! oh well other then that i enjoyed the ride taught me alot.

    every1 ride safe and be careful.

  2. Did you take out the cops mirror? :LOL:
  3. HAHAHA gold
  4. I find this incident a bit disturbing.

    The tram tracks thing sounded scary and I'd never say anything about that because it sounds like you were doing the right thing. The one about the police sounds like they put you into trouble through no fault of your own.

    From what you wrote, I don't agree with what you did to the taxi. Smashing off someone's mirror because you almost ran up the back of them doesn't seem right to me. There's been some bad experiences written here lately about taxi drivers. Doing what you did won't help. It sounds like you were following too closely in the wet (that's not to say that I don't and won't make the same mistake). However, if it was a case of the taxi driver darting in front of you then throwing out the anchors then I can understand why you got so irate. Which case was it?
  5. Glad we dont have them all over Sydney town....
  6. I was at least 4 seconds behind him i always make sure i have safe distance between me and the cars trucks bikes ahead of me.

    he slammed his brakes on that hard that those 4 seconds went past so fast and in the wet with my bike sliding kind of ticked me off made me feel like i almost died and plus didnt help that i was alittle shaken from the tram tracks :(.

    Im not a violent person never have been and i dont know what came over me.


  7. Pok, thankfully you came out of it all intact. Its good that you didn't put it on the deck. I think that without the tram tracks incident, the 4 seconds probably would have been enough for you to handle it within yourself despite what the taxi did.
  8. no offence, but a few points and they may not even apply, as only you know.... but isn't 4 secs, awful close to follow in the wet, (first rainy day after a long dry period) means roads were full of oil and crap.... also means you have to allow extra space.... alot of it sounds like poor reading of the conditions you were riding in........ and scanning ahead to see what was happening, was this person waving (must of been to get the taxi drivers attention) you should of seen this and either backoff a bit more in the case the taxi driver did decide to try stop and at the least re-adjusted road position and check for escape routes, so you could of just countersteered round him......

    Not saying it's all possible to do/see espically in the wet, but these are the sort of things you need to be on the look out for all the time.... If you practice this sort of thing, of seeing a hazzard ahead and making the effort to plan whether they actually occur or not the more you think what could they do, the more prepared you will be for when it does happen. (could be adjusting road position, practicing emergency countersteers) instead of just hoping this don't turn to shit.

    Anyway maybe none of the above may apply to your situation if it doesn't oh well, but maybe a new rider may read this and it may help them to better read the roads

    Glad to hear both you and the bike made it home in one piece

    Cheers stewy :)
  9. Stewy, one thing you wrote puzzled me. Four seconds seems like a reasonable gap to me. However, I'm yet to ride in wet conditions.

    What sort of gap do you typically keep? I'm asking to keep as a note/guide to myself to avoid getting caught out (as I possibly would with my existing idea of a safe-ish gap).
  10. To play the devil's advocate: You should have slowed right down before crossing the tram tracks, moved over to the right side then turn towards the left to cross at a better angle. I know the traffic there can be a bit dangerous (not to mention fast, most times) but it would be far worse if you were to end up on your arse.

    I've nearly ran up the arse of many a taxi doing the exact same thing. Across several lanes too! Just give them a wide berth in the wet. I think you were pehaps a little heavy handed with your actions toward the cabbie. But I won't be losing any sleep over it. :wink:

    The cop however, you should have smashed his mirror, windows, and kicked the cars panels in! :twisted:
    That would be fun to watch. :LOL:

  11. yesterday was a great example of how much shit is left of the roads, after a long dry period..... so in saying that, i would allow myself a bit more for that factor.....but really comes down to how quick your travelling, the conditions you are riding in (ie peak hour traffic you leave a big gap a car will just cut you off) so it's all just practice.... hence why you see these post of people telling you to pratice your stops, swerves, etc.... because when you are doing them you get a idea of how both you and the bike will response in a situation and how long it takes YOU to stop....... to me time means very little...i don't judge distance by time but by what i know i can stop in....so yeah maybe 4 sec was heaps for him, but at the end of the day it's you that wants to arrive alive and in one piece, so you have to ride to your ability, and unfortunly only you can gauge that....well thats my opinion on the how much space to allow

    cheers stewy :)
  12. yea maybe the gap was short and i could of at least put more gapping but ive never ridden the bike over tram tracks on that angle in a down pour like that.. i know generally that it would be slippery but i never thought to the degree where the bike is jack knifing constantly.

    all's well and i have learned alot in the rain ...
  13. Pretty much agree with Stewy, no offence or recrimination intended Pok, but it does read as though you weren't riding to the conditions.

    The 4 second rule is good, but you've got to be adaptable.
    It all comes down to experience, and you have to be exposed to the potential dangers in order to gain that experience.
    To survive it you need to wind yourself back every time you get out of your depth. The first time i rode in a high wind i went backstreets rather than risk the freeway because i wasn't comfortable. I used the left lane on roads and freeways and rode at a speed i could manage in heavy rain. Don't obstruct traffic, pull over and take a breather if you need to. there is't any shame, we need to survive the learning experience, and a little respect/fear helps that as well.

    I don't think the taxi action was in your best interests, however, I have made some pretty bad moves myself in the past. Aggro doesn't ssolve anything and you will always come off second best on the bike.

    I am genuinely glad you survived the experience and hopefully gained heaps from it. Stay safe.

    I'm off my soapbox now :grin:
  14. Also, when crossing tram/train tracks, no matter what the conditions, try not to brake or accelerate as rubber and steel don't afford much traction. Even in a car. In the wet of course, is a million times worse.

    Kind of obvious, but I thought it's worth mentioning again. :grin:
  15. No i dont feel like im gettin chastised. I'm taking all this in to learn.. Im a L plater so all imput helps !

  16. pants on girly man
  17. Riding in the wet over tram tracks is always riske' and the bike should always be on tippy toes when riding over them especially turning into a corner over them. I never lean a bike rounding a corner over them. But there interesting when its dry. Dont try it.

    Re the taxi pulling out in front of you. Im not being racist but I lived in the middle east and travelled through 3rd world countries in my 20's even though I dont have any of that decendantry. For example in Cairo which has 23 odd million people there during the day and its a bit of a 2nd or 3rd world country these are my experiences being driven around in cabs and witnessed driving there. They have 1 window winder/door handle per car...which means if you want to wind down your window the driver pulls off his winder to give to you so you can wind your window down/open your door. Cars zig zagging in and out of lanes with no warning like their drunk with a flat tyre which they dont. The people and cabs drive at night with no headlights on and dont stop or slow down for red lights. UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW!

    Me experiencing this overseas as people from 3rd world countries have this mentality of driving and then they come to our country to drive our cabs, just makes me cringe and explains why cabbies drive like they do. (Generally speaking) But if you kick/swipe someones mirror off this would make someone angry and if they are nutty enough they may want to run you over, bike and all while theyre approaching you at the next set of lights. We all feel like drivers have attempted to murder us at some stage with their incompetance (perhaps this what they should be charged with when they cause a motorcycle accident) in fact I wish my high beam was so bright it would melt bumper bars and my horn so loud it would shatter glass. Sometimes I wish I could change the settings on my laser printer to stun.

    Re the police incident you should take their rego no. and report it. They'd do more than that to YOU if you did it to them!!!